Trash to Treasure–The Lazy Days of Summer Edition

It’s Tuesday, and WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?
Nope, you’re wrong. It means that there are only FOUR DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT, and this mom is in a little bit of a PANIC. It’s not that I don’t LOVE my children TO BITS, but, I do kinda like my alone time. And it’s about to be over, for a few month at least.
I can’t believe I just said that “out loud.” Am I horribly selfish?
No, I don’t think so, because on top of the wee bit of panic, there’s also excitement for pool days, bike rides, and trips to the library and farmers’ market. I want to cook with my kids, and “reinvent” stuff with them. They are turning into quite the little Goodwill shoppers! Yep, even the TEENAGER.
NOW FOR THE TRASHY PART OF TUESDAY. You didn’t think I forgot, did you? That can’t happen, I LIVE for Trash to Treasure, especially on Tuesday.
Today’s TRASH to TREASURE doesn’t involve sand paper, paint or even Mod Podge. (gasp!)
Today I’d like to challenge you to find something that you’d have never thought to use for home decor, or even something that you might have thrown away…

and hang it on the wall. I got this canvas bag for free as part of a gift with purchase promotion. I didn’t think much of it, and for a week it was buried on my “catch-all” counter. When I finally uncovered it again, and unwrapped the package, I first noticed the black and cream stripes, two colors that are repeated throughout my home. Then I noticed it looked kind of beachy. On a whim, I hung it by the front door on a cool hook that I found on clearance at Joann’s. I LOVE IT.

Don’t ya just feel like you could grab it on your way out the door for an afternoon of shell hunting?

Now for an idea from a sweet blog friend of mine, Blondie ‘N’ SC. Last week when I posted about my naked foyer bookshelves, my friend Blondie suggested a stack of Country Living magazines tied with twine. Well, I just about fell of my chair. What a fabulous idea to use something I either would have recycled, or saved but wondered where to store.

Here they are, past issues “stored” in plain sight, with a summer issue on top. Wow. They fit in with my “lazy days of summer” theme perfectly. I don’t have any twine, so I just put this shell dish on top. If only they made removable address labels…
Thanks Blondie! (if you think this ideas was fab, you MUST check out her blog, not only amazing eye candy, but sweet and insightful words too!)

Well, there you go. No money spent (well, except for the $10 subscription!), no sanding or painting involved. JUST USE WHAT YOU HAVE ALREADY!

Link up those projects ladies, and remember to link back to REINVENTED!

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23 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure–The Lazy Days of Summer Edition

  1. What a cute idea!! I should look around my house and see what I can find, I am kind of a pack rat!
    Also, you are NOT at all bad for enjoying your alone time. I LOVE having my time and space! I like summer because Ry is around more and he makes me smile, but he is also at that age where he totally loves doing his own thing too! win win for me! :o)

  2. oh Kimm, you are too sweet, love the tote and the bundle of magazines!! Oh , and if you are really gentle those address labels will come off, i have pulled a few of the off!! :) looks great…cheap way to decorate huh? and no you are not selfish, having me time is healthy!

  3. My kids got out of school last week and I have been having mixed emotions too. So far I am loving it because my older kids are entertaining my baby which means more time to blog!

  4. Love the look of your bag and how you hung it! So beachy, and makes it feel like summer! I too understand your sentiments on school being out…I am going on my 2nd week and as much as I love my children, I also love time by myself…so I can actually hear myself think!! lol. Have a great summer and we hope both of us has sanity in the end! :)

    Oh, I have been trying to get back to everyone that left a sweet comment on my giveaway…Thank you!! I am crossing fingers for you!!

  5. I feel so happy that I am right in step with you. I have my red tote bags hanging right by my door as well. Sometimes I even place decorative items in them. For instance, in the fall, I had faux leaves and a mini pumpkin floral picks sticking out the top. I too also have my Country Livings out on display. Lol, I think I even have the same one on top too!! I may try tying them with twine. I have oodles of magazines that I am trying to organize right now and love the twine idea. Thanks!

  6. Summer for my kids will be here on Friday. Not only am i nervous as well but being able to have alone time is near impossible, so when i hear summer i CRINGE :D .. its either that or because i dont wear shorts.. Anyhoot- Love your blog and your ideas, i gave you an award, go check it out on my blog :D

  7. I so hear you on the last days of peace of quiet! I volunteered today for a special project my son’s 6th grade is doing. They wanted me again tomorrow and I said no, I need my last few days free. I do enjoy not having a schedule, but the fighting and the I am bored and the constant picking up after them is annoying to say the least!

    Great trash to treasure!

  8. Kimm I love the bag hanging there. It’s adorable and fits right in. I also love the tip about the magazines. Have fun with your kiddies.

  9. Love the beach bag! Your magazines look great there. I store all {well, some} of my Coastal Living Magazines in a colorful basket in the kitchen. I have so many because I’m a little bit of a freak when it comes to that magazine. When a new one comes, I don’t like anyone {Tim} to touch them before I get a chance to look throught it first. :-)


  10. I love the bag! I also keeps bags on a hook right by my door. It’s so convenient to just grab on your way out of the house. We keep ours with sunscreen, hats, sunglasses (hey, I live in AZ!), and things to keep the kids occupied.


  11. Ok, so it’s not really Tuesday, but I want to play along anyhoo. I love your theme for the week! The bag hanger is adorable and I’ve really been enjoying your site!

  12. I don’t think it’s selfish to want “alone” time! My kids have been out of school since May 21 and are headed back in 2 weeks and 2 days. I’m counting down!!

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