Trash to Treasure Tuesday–Holiday Decor

I adore decorating for the holidays. But, due to my frugal nature, in the past I have been reluctant to decorate for the “smaller” holidays, i.e. Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the 4th of July.

Not that I consider these SMALLER holidays, mind you, they just have a shorter decorating season, so I didn’t consider them worth spending my VERY small home decor budget on.

Then I wised up. Got me some knowledge. REINVENTED my attitude. Before I share my new SMARTS, here’s today’s TRASH TO TREASURE project.

I made this flag last night from a leftover piece of MDF from our bedroom shelves. I’m no Betsy Ross, that’s for sure, but it turned out pretty well. I used a ruler and some painter’s tape to paint the stripes, and a star stencil for the stars (just a clip art image printed off and cut out with a craft knife).

Now, without further adieu, here are my TIPS for FRUGAL HOLIDAY DECOR:

1. Start at the front door. A touch of holiday decor at the entrance to your home sets the theme and will be remembered by your guests (if you care about that kind of stuff). I made this sign from a craft board I found at the Dollar Tree.

2. Don’t forget the focal point. The focal point of your room, is where your eyes are drawn. In our case, that’s the mantle, so I put the flag there. Now we have holiday decor in the place we look most often.

3. Small touches make an impact. This plate has a permanent home on top of my cabinets, and I can change the chalkboard as often as I want!

4. Cross-contamination of holiday decor is COOL. (this star is a Christmas ornament, I’d bet you have one too!)

5. Take advantage of childlike enthusiasm. Bored children make perfect holiday crafters.

6. Use stuff you already have. Shop your house for the colors of the holiday and use those items in your displays. I finished off my stack of Country Living magazines with the July issue. What’s more “4th of July” than cherry pie?

Now that I’ve completely emptied my brain of holiday decor ideas, it’s your turn ! Link up those projects ladies. Remember, if your project is not holiday themed, please link up anyway! And, of course, remember to link back to REINVENTED in your post, so that your readers can check out all of the projects.

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21 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure Tuesday–Holiday Decor

  1. Kimm,
    I can’t believe how much alike our posts are!
    Too funny.
    Well, I wrote mine at 1:30 this morning. think maybe i beat ya’. =0)
    Or could be just a ‘great minds think alike’ thing.
    And of course no one has ever had this idea! I’m sure they are original with us. =0)))

    Thanks again for letting me post store pics and link to my online shop.

    Barbara Jean

    PS Great Flag!!!

  2. Hey Kimm! Love the flag – that turned out great! Also, I have got to get me some chalkboards around here. ;)

    Something funny happened when I did my linky and I think it ended up on an old post first… so sorry if I linked twice. ? Not sure what was going on.

  3. I have been on baby mode for the past few projects…I totally forgot about doing something patriotic! Maybe this post will kick me into gear!! I have a couple of furniture transformations though over at my blog- check them out :)

  4. It all looks Great, I love that chalkboard plate! I have that same tote! Love your blog as always!

    I linked up, twice actually, I don’t know how but somehow I linked up to an old trash to treasure party, lol but I finally figured it out!

  5. “Cross-contamination” LOL. I guess I shouldn’t box up my Christmas decor and stick it up on the ceiling in the garage where I can’t get to it very easily. This Christmas I will be leaving out any stars and other decorations that can be “cross-contaminated.” Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Super cute ideas! I use to be a decorate every holiday/ major and minor ones! We moved in 2005 (long story) but since then I haven’t been able to really get my mojo back into seasonal decorating. I do great from fall through Feb and then fall off. Loved your ideas. We have a chalk board in the school room. Where is your #5 chalk board located?

    Thanks for vising me during the Blog Hop!!!

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