Beach House Heaven

Hello from Corolla, North Carolina! I slipped that in there because I’m hoping the Nester will come visit me. I know she lives in this state somewhere. I promised my husband I wouldn’t stalk her, though, so she’ll have to make the first move. (hint, hint)  That house up there is where I live this week, with seven other adults and eleven children. Uh, Yeah.
I’ve already sent my resume to several area hospitals, and considered changing this blog’s name to “Reinventing My Beach House.” (does anyone else redecorate their vacation accomodations in their head?) If only I had a couple of million extra bucks under the mattress to make that
happen. I would miss Christmas in Ohio, though…
And football season.

Here’s a picture of yesterday’s shell harvest. This is a lazy shell seeker’s harvest, I need to get MUCH more serious if I want to bring my project ideas to reality. This vacationing is HARD WORK, I tell ya.

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12 thoughts on “Beach House Heaven

  1. There is no place quite like the Outer Banks. Well, maybe parts of Hawaii. Enjoy your time in Corolla – try to make it down to Hatteras – you’ll be amazed at how far they moved the lighthouse!

    And we do have football here – it’s what we do while we’re waiting for basketball season – you’re in ACC country now and basketball rules!

    We even have snow once in a while – that’s just about enough of that too!

    From a native North Carolinian.

  2. Don’t work too hard, chickie! :) Love Corolla!! Have fun…wish I was there shell hunting too. :) I am relying on my brother and sister-in-law to bring me some home.

    If you have a chance to stop by, my 200th post Giveaway is going on, and I have a fun announcement on Friday! :)

  3. We just got back from renting a cabin in the woods a week ago. I totally decorated it in my head, too. I now live in IN, grew up in MI and did a few years in Columbus, OH in between. We spent 9 years living in FL, and, although they DO have Christmas in the South – it is NOT the same as a Northern Christmas – they just don’t know it! Have fun on vacation!


  4. Oh my hubby and I love North Carolina! What a beautiful place to vacation! Hope you have a wonderful, wonderful time! Hope you get some awesome shells!

    By the way, your new blog design is AWESOME! Definitely rocks my socks off!

  5. My family is planning a trip to NC next September. When I say family I mean my parents, sisters and their hubbys and my neice and nephew. Hope you have loads of fun!! There is just something so wonderful about a beach house…

  6. Hey Kimm – you’re in my neck of the woods, so to speak. I’m right outside of Raleigh – and I agree with what Jan Pope said – we only have football ’til basketball season starts because b-ball rules this state – ask anyone and enough snow and ice to cancel everything!!

    Have fun and can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back –

  7. I can send you ootles of shells.

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  8. We just went to visit Corolla! Hope you see some wild horses. We saw the two little baby foals when they were just hours old. Enjoy your stay- no place on earth like the Outer Banks!

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