Trash to Treasure–The Pottery Barn Edition?

I am a catalog and magazine JUNKIE. I seriously get SO excited when I open the mailbox and find a shiny, glossy, slick home decor magazine or catalog.

My idea of a perfect evening is a cup of Chai Tea and a new magazine. Is that sad?
Of course it is.
Today the new Pottery Barn catalog came. Swoon. Drool. I was oohing and ahhing so fast I was hyperventilating.
I saw these pillows and KNEW they’d be perfect in my family room (even though I have some perfectly great pillows already).

Or…I could just redecorate the entire family room for the late summer/early fall season and get THESE pillows.

And these topiaries. Oh my.

And then it hit me. THAT FEELING. Discontent.

An on-line dictionary defined DISCONTENT as “a craving for something one does not have.”
I’d like to add “the insane desire to buy what one craves without regard to cost.”

Uh, yeah. That’s me. One of these days I’m going to write an wise and insightful post on contentment. On being happy with what you have. But first I have to get WISE and INSIGHTFUL. And happy with what I have.

I kept flipping through those beautiful pages, you know, so I could add to the list of things I WANT, but can’t HAVE. I love to torture myself.


Well, sort of. Stay with me here.

Holy cow, look at this wine bottle chandelier!

I have no idea how one would “make” one of these, but I’m sure that one of you can figure it out and let me know. Okay?

They also have “FOUND” items for sale. Well, I say, if Pottery Barn can “FIND” them, then why can’t we? They had some great items that I’ve added to my flea market wish list.

Like these old soda bottle crates.

And these vintage wine bottles.

Look at these jars. Couldn’t we make those with our spaghetti sauce containers?

Oh, and I could SO make those topiaries…

Before I try to play nice with Mr. Linky, I want to let y’all know that we’ll skip Trash to Treasure Tuesday next week, because I’ll be at the beach! I’m planning some “beach related” posts, but probably won’t be doing any projects until we get home with all those shells!
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36 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure–The Pottery Barn Edition?

  1. Sorry Joan, he’s there now! I guess I hadn’t been “moved” to Mr. Linky’s new server and that’s why he wasn’t working for me. Should be fixed now, at least that’s what his help desk said! :)

  2. I love to look at magazines too, they are always such fun, and yes I am guilty of wanting too many things when I can’t find a place to put what I already have. That is sad. I need to learn that contentment thing. Hugs, Marty

  3. Love your post about pottery barn. i look at their pictures with an eagle eye because I know I can sell my flea market customers the props that pottery barn uses but doesn’t sell. They do the best job of Trash to Treasure propping in the business.

  4. I have GOT to get me a Pottery Barn catalogue! I hope they ship to Canada…

    I do much the same when browsing in Homesence. (may be just a Canadian thing) I look, gasp at the prices, and think aw pishaw.. I can MAKE THAT! Then go to the nearest thrift. :)

    That is MY kinda perfect day. Browsing through a thrift store for inspiration. I’ll join your Pathetic Club if there’s still room…

  5. Oh girl,i’m just like you w/ that catalog! lol You have to think outside the box how we can do it.I have a page that I tore out forever ago w/ a chandelier that is all lanterns.And I love it,so I look for lanterns where ever I go! lol Natalie,

  6. I’m a junkie as well… I mostly get my “fix” at yard sales…. 10cents each baby! I tear out photos that I just love… and I’ve got a binder full of these little inspirations :-)

  7. I too am a catalog and magazine junkie. I always grab the mags at my office before they hit the recycling bin. Great poolside summer “reading”.
    I think you could use some icicle xmas lights inside those wine bottles as the light source.
    I am planning a shopping excursion tomorrow with my kids….lots of thrifting. They are great at helping me spot more things. Training them was a good idea.

  8. I know I felt the same thing when I got the latest catalog!

    Yes I see lots of vintage finds and we could get them so much cheaper!

    I’m going start making my future shopping list now so when I find something at an antique mall or flea market, I’ll snatch it up!

  9. I love all the new stuff at Pottery Barn, love the topiaries and the # items…but I know you could make all of that stuff on a cheaper budget..and just as cute! I love coming here…have fun at the beach…I am jealous!

  10. I noticed that in the catalog last night, so many things we could do on our own. I did drool a bit over the things that I knew that I couldn’t pull off though.

  11. I am gone for a week and I see you changed your look. Just beautiful!! I just received some of those vintage crates from my grandma’s home- SCORE for me!!
    Have a great time at the beach!!

  12. Hey Kimm – did I miss when you got all “glam” on us? Love your new look and I just got the new PB mag and I did the same thing as you – practically drooled on the thing!

    Have fun at the beach!

  13. Kimm…your blog’s new look is absolutely LOVELY. Seriously, I went…Ohhhhhhh…as soon as I clicked over! GORGEOUS.

    Oh, and the “found” items from Pottery Barn really crack me up. Ummm yeah, we bloggers have been doing that for ages…PUH-LEASE!

  14. I know! I drooled over that catalog all Sunday evening. This morning my carpenter was working on our fireplace and I showed him that wine bottle chandelier. I so want that! But I thought the same thing: could I make this? Well, maybe I could. But would I?

  15. Love your new look, oh so fun. And the catalog, I second everyone else’s sentiments… it seems that this time PB just got EVERYTHING right. There’s usually one or two questionables in there, but not this time. Perfection.

  16. I know that feeling. It’s almost a pit in your stomach because you see something that makes you swoon, and then you look up and you see your real life and it’s just not the same! So you (I) get stressed. I can relate! But sometimes, I hope, we beat the Pottery Barn Sickness and make something really cool for cheap. I try to think of that…sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t! :)

  17. I am so with you on discontent…the budget is just lacking these days and I am trying desperately to be good at least until september. The Accoutant knows its fall decorating season then and just wouldn’t want to stop me :)
    I love how you referred to the pillows as late summer decor…music to my ears.
    Janet – hope you enjoyed the beach.

  18. I know people are looking for vintage soda crates and I just found a stash of 1957 soda crates in an attic in northern Maine. I bought the whole lot of over 100 and will be selling them for $20 each. Interested? call me at (808) 87-1268 and ask for Brian

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