Trash to Treasure Tuesday–Chalkboard Paint Treasures

Today’s Trash to Treasure Tuesday is dedicated to all of you that have never TRIED a Trash to Treasure project, preferring to read and drool over others’, mumbling “I wish I had the nerve to try.” You know who you are.

We all know how HOT chalkboard paint projects are in blogworld right now. They are also EASY and perfect for an anxious beginner. They’re also a great way to add frugal style to your home. If you like chalkboards and dust, that is.

So, ladies, dust off your anxiety, buy a can of chalkboard paint, and shop your house or local thrift store for something to paint.

Look for a wood plaque with “art” that’s past its prime to make a classic chalkboard like this.

You can paint the board a fun color, then tape off a rectangle for the chalkboard. It will take several coats.

OR, recycle food jars into storage for small stuff.

Painting on glass is a little more time consuming. Be sure to let each coat dry thoroughly, or the new coat will wipe off the old.

Here’s my next project. With all of the baking we’re doing (see yesterday’s post!), we needed larger containers for flour and sugar. I plan to add chalkboard labels to these.

Other ideas for chalkboards include “silver” trays, scrap wood, or old frames. Have fun with it, and remember, you can’t ruin TRASH!

If you’ve never attempted a TRASH to TREASURE project, make today the day!

Now, if you’re a TRASH to TREASURE expert, then link up your project!!

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24 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure Tuesday–Chalkboard Paint Treasures

  1. How fun! Here is a little tip for ya’ Once the chalkboard paint is dry…. take a piece of chalk and place it on its side and chalk the whole surface to dirty it up a bit. This way you won’t leave scratches in the chalkboard that never go away. Also… you should place put an old tea cup in each of those flour/sugar bins– it is like over the top adorable! I know, I’m full of it…errrrr suggestions that is :-P (hopefully lol)

  2. I need to jump in on this one. :) Is it hard to paint the labels on the jars? I love that idea but am curious how you get the squares so perfect. I guess painter’s tape might work?

  3. Just bought some chalkboard paint and can’t wait to play! I’ve been stockpiling goodies from the thrift to transform. I’d love to know where you found that gorgeous cannisters for flour, sugar, etc. Thanks (as always) for endless inspiration!

  4. I am so glad I finally scrolled all the way down. I couldn’t see Mr. Linky. :)

    I haven’t used chalkboard paint yet. You have inspired me to try it.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement to try the chalkboard paint. I found an awesome plate @ Goodwill today to use as my first (but definitely not last) project!

    ~Michelle :)
    (Treasure the Moment)

  6. Kimm,
    I recently did some chalkboard projects and loved it. I like your idea of painting labels on jars. Think I’ll try that next!


  7. I don’t actually have a project this week but I did link to you because I posted about a jar with chalkboard paint on it. That counts for something right! ;)

  8. Great ideas! I love the paint on the jars… perfect for a husband’s tool shed or garage workshop don’t you think?! I’m linking up a project from last week. It was – you guessed it – chalkboards! ;)

  9. HA – my flour and sugar jars have chalkboard labels. I first bought them at World Market, but after one of them broke, I bought plain ones and added the chalkboard paint myself. I get SO MANY comments on them.

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