Five Dollar DIY Topiaries


In spite of my mad urge to clean everything since we returned home from our vacation, I found time to CREATE last night, and make a big mess.
Remember these topiaries?






I looooove them, but not their Pottery Barn price. $59 for one, people!

I decided to make some DIY topiaries, in Pottery Barn knock-off style.
This is one of my favorite things to do. You know, find an IDEA from a glossy, beautiful and extremely tempting catalog and create a “look alike” item for MUCH less.

I started with these materials, all from the DOLLAR TREE (except for the orange thing, it’s a piece of a discarded Nerf gun).


fivedollar topiary


I looked for a styrofoam ball but my Dollar Tree didn’t have those, so I remembered this project at Creations by Kara, and bought a kids’ play ball.

Here’s what I did:


  • I covered the ball with the moss, using spray adhesive


  • I removed the flowers from their stems, and attached just the blooms to the ball with hot glue. Didn’t even burn my fingers this time!



  • I spray painted a clay pot I had laying around with Heirloom White and added a chalkboard label, since I can’t resist the chalkboard paint.



  • I spray painted the orange thingy with Expresso Brown and hot glued it in the bottom of the pot.



  • I packed plastic grocery bags around the “stick” for extra support and covered the top with more moss.



  • Attaching the ball to the stick was a challenge. I hot glued a small square of heavy duty cardboard to the bottom of the ball and hot glued that to the top of the stick. Clear as mud?


Here’s the result.

five dollar topiary 2

Not bad for FIVE BUCKS!

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five dollar topiary pin



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28 thoughts on “Five Dollar DIY Topiaries

  1. How cute and what a clever use of your items!
    I actually have a topiary base (I picked up at a thrift store) and wondering how to pull it all together. What a great idea! I will use it as inspiration.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  2. Doesn’t get any better than something looking that great for so cheap! I’ve been wondering if I could make a couple of these for my fireplace, makes me think I can at least give it a shot.

  3. Great job. Great look for $5.00 vs. $59.00.

    Love the little chalkboard strip. Adds a great little detail.

    I’ve been meaning to join up for sometime and just never did. I am working on a post and will link up in a little.

  4. So cute! I thought the same thing about those topiaries. . . but then you went and did something about it! You get BONUS POINTS for follow-through. And you get a darling topiary! Good job.

  5. You go, girl! You show those Pottery Barn people what’s up :) Love the little label you added AND I love this new design~have I told you that already?? It makes me go aaaahh. :)

  6. really cute! love the chalkboard tag, too.

    i think we might shop at the same dollar tree.
    (morse & hamilton, perhaps?) i live in gahanna.
    small world? or am i 20 some miles off track?


  7. I LOVE Dollar Tree and Super Dollar Store and …
    well you get the idea. Thanks for sharing this I like the sunflowers. Mistletoe would be wonderful for Christmas.

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