Out Of The Box Storage Ideas

Can I see a show of hands from those of you who have trouble finding ATTRACTIVE storage options for your home?

Whoa. I knew there would be a LOT, but I had no idea there were THAT many of us.

Discount stores are literally PACKED with plastic bins. Great for kids rooms, toys and inside the closet or basement, but not exactly stylish for those items that need to be stored OUT IN THE OPEN, where you can grab and go.

Then there’s baskets. Great for storage, both concealed and on display. Is it possible, though, to have TOO MANY baskets on display? I’m thinkin’ my family room might be a good example of the answer to that. YES. YES. YES.

So what are the alternatives? What if your decor leans toward the contemporary, with clean lines and minimal clutter?

Thank goodness Better Homes and Gardens has plenty of ideas for us.

Check out your local flea market for options.

An old heating grate to store reading materials? Wow. How cool would this be in an industrial look? Do you live in a loft space? Then you NEED one of these. I might hang one on the bathroom wall. You know, so that the reading materials are close by when we NEED them. Ahem.

Okay, I’ll admit I’m not sure what this is, actually, except that it’s great office storage, or perfect for that homework station for the kids.

Store your letter writing/bill paying supplies in a bird cage right on the kitchen counter. No more excuses when the Visa payment is late. Uh, maybe that’s just me.

I think I might be more in love with the color of this shutter than the storage idea. I would keep party invitations and other small notices here that I need to save. “Cuz my kids have REALLY active social lives.

Keep your scrapbooking or gift wrapping supplies in a vintage suitcase. A couple of these stacked up as an occasional table and you’ve got stylish storage that fuctions as furniture!

Speaking of furniture, these storage crates are arranged as a coffee table. Just think of all the Wii remotes and nunchuks you could store in here!

Screen door storage. Very cool, and talk about easily accessible, “store it where you need it” storage!

Think out of the, um, BOX!
(all picture are from bhg.com)

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19 thoughts on “Out Of The Box Storage Ideas

  1. i love the vintage suitcase idea…. I had one (it was my great-aunt’s) and I wasn’t using it so I wanted to give it back, she wouldn’t take it back, and I can’t remember if I managed to get someone else to take it (I didn’t want it if I wasn’t using it, even though I did like it) … darn I wish I could remember if I did eventually give it away or not!

  2. Very cool ideas…thanks for posting them. I like the shutter idea. The vintage suitcase is cool, too. I have lots of tin picnic baskets that I use as storage. I might has well use them since they are sitting around.


  3. Man, that craft suitcase is great! It reminds me of the “train case” my grandma stored the beloved doll Charlotte and her handmade wardrobe in.

  4. Great ideas! I think the item on top of the desk is an old chicken coop. The compartments are like an apartment, each is filled with hay and the hens go in to lay eggs. Otherwise not sure what it is, but all ideas were great!

  5. Wow! Those were great ideas. Unfortunately I just got rid of two shutters! I was really impressed with the screen door idea.. I think it’d be neat to hang that in a kitchen and hang some pots from it. It could work!
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