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Happy Monday everyone! I hope y’all enjoyed your weekends. I hit several garage sales on Saturday morning. The kids were at Grandma’s, hubby was busy with a project and I was ON MY OWN. I’ll show you what I found in a minute.

I mentioned a week or so ago that I’m planning to redo our first floor powder room. This room is right inside our front door, and is the bathroom that most of our guests use. Right now it looks like this.

The red is called “Cherry Cobbler” and is Behr paint from Home Depot. I LOVED this color on the paint chip, but even though I used a tinted primer, color is still uneven after about a million coats. And it’s too dark. And I want a lighter, beachy look. And I just can’t leave well enough alone…

So, I’ve been thinkin’. (LOOK OUT FOR THE SMOKE!) I thought I’d redo this very small room on a EVEN SMALLER budget. I haven’t set a budget, but it needs to be as close to ZERO as possible. ‘Cuz I just don’t have the money to change rooms on a whim, who does? Somehow we have to satisfy our decorating urges without breaking the bank.

Someone should start a blog about that.

Remember this scrapbook paper?

This paper inspired my color choices, I love the creamy white with aqua blue and some green and brown. I already had the paper and three small matching frames (a Trash to Treasure Tuesday post), so this was my “inspiration” piece.

I also have 3/4 of a gallon of Sherwin Williams’ China Doll paint, so I’m going with that color on the walls, after some more primer. China Doll is a great warm but not too yellow neutral. It will significantly lighten up the room and look great with the accent colors. AND, since I already had some, it was PERFECT.
NOW, for my garage sale finds. My mission on Saturday was to find accessories that fit my theme and colors. BOY, DID I HIT THE JACKPOT!

I BIG PUFFY HEART this painting. It’s not old or anything, but the seaside scene, painted on canvas give me that vintage feeling. The colors are perfect, I’ll probably just paint or fix up the frame somehow. I paid $5 for this, kind of a lot by garage sale standards, but I LOVED it.

I am not IN LOVE with this one, but the colors are right, and it’s a beach scene, so I’m givin’ it time to win my heart. Again, a great chunky frame. Love that, at least. And the price, $1.

I was thrilled to find ANOTHER aqua ball jar to add to my small but growing collection. ( I have three now!). This one is older, and there’s a piece broken off of the lid, but I don’t care, I love it anyway, and it was only a quarter. The little basket reminds me of a fisherman’s basket, and it’s adorable and will add texture to the bathroom, also for a quarter.
So, that’s what I have so far! Some great accessories, for $6.50! Now it’s time to get out the primer and the paint brush. Ugh.
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23 thoughts on “Thrifty Treasures

  1. Isn’t that ball jar color just the most perfect color?! I love it and with the browns, it’s adorable! Great choices—I gotta redo our bathroom too and am still trying to decide. Thanks for the help!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!!

  2. Kimm, I am just estatic that I can finally get onto your blog!!! Yay! I love your new blog look and I think your scrapbook paper for inspiration for your powder room will look beautiful!! Can’t wait to see it…again, happy I will be able to! lol. :)

    Hugs friend,

  3. What fun I just redid my bathroom on a budget as well. I will be posting the before and after pix on my blog in the next day or two. Hoping someone can give me hints on getting more followers. I am faily new to blogging. Is there a secret to it all that I don’t know? I also have a website that I am building. It is up and running but still a work in progress. would appreciate any and all followers

  4. Did you get those paintings at the same sale or was is kismet? So cool either way!

    I will be interested to hear how it goes, painting over that red in your bathroom. I want a red accent wall, but since we are in a rental, it needs to be easy to fix before we go. The fear of spending days just getting that wall back to contractor white has been holding me back.

  5. Howdy
    WOW Jackpot is right !!!!!!!!!!!
    Looking forward to the next post :)
    I cannot believe all the fabulous treasures you found .
    I really like the art ,I love the beach
    So anything beach related works for me ..
    Big Hugs
    Happy Trails

  6. You found some great accessories for your new look, and what bargains! I’ll be interested to see how much primer it will take to cover the red. We’re gearing up to paint our college daughter’s room – right now it is a very deep purple! Can’t wait to see the finished room. Kathy

  7. Kimm, since you re-did your blog I haven’t been able to see it until today, probably an operator error on my side! but I love the angle you are going in your bathroom! I have a red powder room too..but I am still in love with it! :) Can’t wait to see your changes! XO

  8. I’m amazed by how much work painting dark red can be. Especially after my luck. I painted a red accent wall in my bedroom with Benjamin Moore’s Aura. I didn’t prime the light blue wall and it only took one coat of paint to cover. It might be a lot more expensive to buy, but when you only need one coat instead of eight it is so worth it!

  9. I LOVE China Doll! I have it in my hallway and I think I am going to paint my rec room that color as well! I think your redo will be fabulous! Can’t wait to see more! Cruise freecycle for some finds too, you will be surprised if you browse often! :)

  10. Kimm,

    I have Cherry Cobbler in my living room, and I really like it. Yes, it took several coats for complete coverage. But, I have wainscoting on the bottom 30 inches and that’s what I painted “red”. The top part is painted Behr’s Willow Herb. (soft yellow gold)and my trim is painted stark white. But, you will be glad to know, red is easier to paint over than it was to paint to start with (?huh) How about, an inexpensive mdf chair rail moulding painted white to break up the red? I used what they called a door/window moulding. Add white curtains and towels using your existing black and white material as trim. Just a thought. You know you really don’t need any advise, all your ideas are wonderful!!!!!!


  11. Not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but I am so glad I did! I love your “trash-to-treasure” posts and think it’s a great way to inspire people to look at the potential in everything!!

    The thoughts for your powder room are great! I just re-did my powder room for $50!! Paint, stamp, spray paint and $6 chandelier (I already had the crystals)! Take a look…

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