A Trash to Treasure Giveaway!

Good morning everyone. Since I’m so busy priming my bathroom walls (and if I’m not, you’ll never know…;)), today’s TRASH TO TREASURE TUESDAY is dedicated to helping YOU with your projects.

LOOKIE what I have for you! Today I’m giving away a $25 Home Depot Gift card, to one lucky reader. Do you know how many cans of spray paint you can buy with 25 bucks? Let’s see…

Quite a few!!

Did you know that Home Depot will sell you scrap pieces of trim from other people’s projects? Just go back to the area where they cut trim to size for customers. and rummage through the scraps. These are great for homemade signs, or to make frames.

How do you win? Just leave a comment on this post for one entry.

If you link up a project for TRASH TO TREASURE TUESDAY, please leave me a second comment, and you’ll get a second entry!

Tweet about the giveaway on Twitter and receive a third entry (provided you leave me another comment to let me know!)

Blog about the giveaway on your blog, and receive a forth entry! (again, please leave a comment to let me know)

So…if you do all four of these things, you’ll be leaving four comments and get four entries!

Now it’s time to link up those projects! Please be sure to link back to REINVENTED in your posts. If you’re not sure how to do that, e-mail me and I’d be glad to help. (reinventedkb@gmail.com)

Enjoy your Tuesday! there’s only 13 days until school starts…

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109 thoughts on “A Trash to Treasure Giveaway!

  1. I am dreaming about one of those spray paint adaptors to keep your finger from being permanently cramped. And of course some good old Heirloom White. You can never have enough!

  2. Here’s my one entry into the Home Depot drawing. I don’t have a blog and I don’t twitter, but maybe this entry will be lucky. A Home Depot gift card would come in very handy for the ladder-back chair I’m refinishing.


  3. I was spray painting something in my dream last night (seriously, I’m not making this up). Even when I am sleeping I am working on projects! LOL! I guess you could say that winning $25 at Home Depot to buy spray paint would make my dreams come true!

  4. I did not know about the scrapes at Home Depot but I did know about the oops paint from there. I go in every so often just to check and see what someone had mixed that they did not take after all. Not a bad deal at times. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I’ve been a lurker for some time but just signed on be a follower. I LOVE your blog! You have great ideas while keeping it real about staying within a budget.

  6. I have SO many projects that I’ve been putting off. Thanks to you, The Nester, and several other beautiful bloggers I’ve gotten the creative bug back! I could definitely use some spray paint! =) And knobs! I love me some knobs!

  7. I love your blog! It’s full of ispiration and great ideas that are so budget friendly. You got my mind rolling with new ideas for projects, that I don’t need right now by the way. I am in the middle of my dinning rm redo and need to focus on it so I can finish it hopefully this month. I will be following you for more inspiration :) Thanks!

  8. The wall behind my kitchen counters needs a back splash. My husband and I are at odds as to what tile to use on it. I proposed a can of caulk board paint as a temporary solution and this gift card would more than cover the costs!

  9. My apologies, Kimm, for neglecting to link back to your blog for the blog party!! I’m at work right now, and no sooner had I linked up with “Trash to Treasure”… the phone rang… next thing I knew I was busy with that darn work stuff and completely forgot to update my post. I’ve just added a blurb, providing a link back to your great blog!! :-)

  10. A Home Depot card?!?!?!?!?!!!! We need more paint to finish painting the entryway. This would be a great way to cover the cost – or maybe I need to get started on a fun project instead!
    please enter me in the give away. Love your site. It is SO inspiring.

  11. Thanks for the opportunity. I have become a follower, added your button to y blog, Subcribed and adding you to my homespun friends (otherwise known as blog roll) and hope you’ll come over and visit for awhile and do the same.
    This is my first time to your blog. I hope you will come by for a visit and stay awhile.
    Its So Very Cheri
    I also have a party on Mondays called the Knock Off Knock Out go check out some amazing projects.

    Its So Very Cheri

  12. Wow, Finally!!! I’ve had issues for the longest time with your blog page opening up blank…It’s finally back! Internet Explorer issue, I’m sure. Anyways, great giveaway and I am so glad I can finally read your blog again.

  13. Great tip about the trim. I was just there this weekend looking for some for a new shelf I am making but thought it seemed a little pricey and it was way more than I needed. Your blog rocks, thanks for all the inspiration!

  14. Oooooh. The ideas that are sprouting!

    I like the idea about the trim! So much more classy than stealing from the neighbor’s burn pile or garbage. ;)

  15. I missed the link up for trash to treasure but count me in for the give-a-way,, thanks!! And I had no idea that they sold scraps of trim!! gotta go check that out. Thanks again

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