Breakin’ Rules

Rules are meant to be broken, right?

Especially if they’re decorating rules that are old and stupid, right?

How do I define old and stupid, you ask? Well…

If it’s a rule I used to like, and now I don’t, then it’s OLD and STUPID. I love it when I make perfect sense.

Anyway, I used to like brass lamps. And brass candlesticks. And brass light fixtures.

Now, I don’t. So even though painting over real brass is probably a sin, I did it anyway. I’m crazy like that.

See this lamp? I don’t like it anymore. I usedta love it. (Is “usedta” a word?)
(That is not dirt on the baseboard, it just needs painted. Not sure which is worse…)

This is the shade that came with it. I usedta like pleats. Now I don’t. Do you see where I’m going here?


“REAL” brass looks lovely painted Heirloom White, doesn’t it? The burlap covered shade is AWESOME, I looooove the contrast in textures.

So, here’s my new rule:

If you’re not enjoying something because you don’t like how it LOOKS, change it. Within reason, of course.

Link up those projects ladies! I apologize for the late party today. Life happens. I’m linking up to DIY Day at A Soft Place to Land.

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38 thoughts on “Breakin’ Rules

  1. It looks soooo much better now! Like you said, the contrast between the shade and the lamp is very neat. Was it hard covering the shade in burlap? Any tips?


  2. wonderful job on that lamp!!!! I joined your party and am wondering if there is a button I should put up on my blog link – Probably staring me in the face but I couldn’t see one.

    Thank you for the fun party!! My posts doesn’t have a big trash to treasure theme but I figured I received alot of treasures so wanted to share them!


  3. I need me some burlap. I need me some burlap. I need me some burlap.

    Am I the only one out here that has never done a burlap project yet?!? sulk…

    Very cute lamp! And I whole heartedly agree, spray the brass.


  4. Your lamp looks sooo much better now. Brass seems kind of dated to me lately. I just spray painted my brass bedroom lamps heirloom white a couple of months ago and love them so much more now. I have a brass chandy hanging in my dining room that I would love to get my spray paint on right now, but, the hubby is digging it. So, it will have to wait. Sigh…

  5. Breaking the rules! I need to get the courage and try more often. I need lamps, my house NEEDS lamps and all the lamps at Goodwill are brass… gotta fester up the courage :)

    Now I’ve seen mention Heirloom White all over the place. Could you please share the brand, and is it a spray paint? Thanks so much!

  6. Thanks for leaving a comment at Heaven In The Home and for all your sweet compliments about my artwork. :-)

    I’ll be having new designs coming out for fall and for Christmas so please check back often!

  7. You are so right! We (and I include myself in this) box ourselves in with the conventional and often fail to look objectively at something to see what else could be done with it. Kudos to you!

  8. You’re absolutley right!! Rules are made to broken if it means something prettier comes out of it!! I painted a mini brass birdcage in Aqua Blue and Love It!!
    Found your blog via another that I follow and love it!
    In the process of transforming a giant birdcage and atand at the moment so will pop back soon!!
    Annie x

  9. Looks great! I think you have it right. Enjoy what you have–use it–paint it, whatever it takes to enjoy it. I’ve been thinking about this lately. Great reminder!

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