Cheer Up Your Child For $3.99

Today’s kids are growing up in a world full of I-pods, I-phones, Nintendo DS, and Wii. Impressing a seven year old is a LOT more difficult than it was when I was seven. I grew up on a farm. A baby kitten and a “blooming” dandelion impressed me. My kids can’t imagine how I survived a childhood where I had to actually GET UP to change the channel on the TV. I tell them that it wasn’t so bad because there were only three channels, so we didn’t change very often.

They stare at me in DISBELIEF.
When they asked me to tell them more stories about “the olden days”, I had to draw the line.
In spite of today’s technological advances, I learned this week that all our kids really want is our love and attention. And maybe a little recognition for their accomplishments. We have been forced to SLOW DOWN at our house and hang out together. My youngest son has the full attention of at least one family member most of the day.
His siblings are learning a lesson about what it means to put the needs of another before your own.
I hope we’re not creating a monster.
Today’s Trash to Treasure project involves a QUICK and very INEXPENSIVE way to let your kids know that you’re proud of their accomplishments.
If your kids play sports, then, no doubt, you have countless medals and trophies at your house, taking up LOTS of space. And multiplying like bunnies as each season ends. Trophies sit proudly on shelves, but what about those medals?
Here’s what I came up with, and I tell ya, the timing was perfect for a seven year old struggling with the fact that he can’t play soccer this fall.
I found this frame at the Goodwill store for $2.99

Painted it black and added a piece of gray card stock.

A little craft glue and some masking tape, and here you have meaningfull wall art for your kid’s room. You should’ve seen the SMILE on his face.

Want to know my husband’s idea for cheering up a child?

Playing catch. In the house. With a baseball. Yeah, a real one.

Tomorrow I may have to change this week from “broken leg week”, to “broken lamp week.”

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19 thoughts on “Cheer Up Your Child For $3.99

  1. Sports in the house~my kids are pros at that, and no broken legs either. I wouldn’t want to count the number of times I have had to patch walls etc. from hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks, and just about any other kind of sport. I’m sure one day soon enough we will miss stepping over hockey sticks, and telling them to put yet another basketball back in the garage where it belongs. I’ve added your blog button to my sidebar so I can easily stop by frequently.

  2. Oooh, catch in the house with a real baseball would make me so twitchy. ;) Love your solution to just having random medals thrown around all over the place. I bet you could find some neat scrapbooking paper to make a background with too. :)

  3. great idea! I, too, think it’s important for kids to be recognized for their achievements. If parents focus only on their shortcomings, they can grow up to be very self-concious adults. (like myself)

  4. Great Idea Kimm! I love buying old frames from thrift stores or garage sales. And their super easy to paint. My son’s room is starting to be taken over by trophies and medals…this is a great solution!!

  5. Ooh – great idea! My kids LOVE medals of any sort… and now that my son is to the soccer and bball age – we’re going to have plenty. Hope your little dude is healing well.

  6. I totally agree about children wanting love and attention. Our time is far more important than any material things we give them. Very cute project! I know he feels like a star!

  7. Not sure that son needs cheering up, but he has a medal given to him by his cardiologist at 5 months for his heart surgery and I’ll do that with…and the badge that his older brother received in April for his Emergency Field Medic badge….very hard to get and that is the one that they stuck on his chest after that 12 mile ruck march…Specialist claims that his younger brother is the bravest person he knows (this after his 2nd pacemaker surgery in April)…perfect. Thank you.

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