I Fancy Flea Markets

Happy Trash to Treasure Tuesday!

Let me tell you about my weekend.

On Saturday, I did one of my FAVORITE things. Nope, didn’t go to the Buckeyes game, although I did enjoy their 38-0 win after the fact.

I went to the Springfield Flea Market in Springfield, Ohio.

One word: WOW.

I’ve been to flea markets before, but this was my first visit to this EXTRAVAGANZA.

At one point, I started wondering if we really needed to eat for the rest of September.

I almost spend the grocery budget. Instead, I acted all mature, and only spend $64.

Lookie what I got! I even did a pretty good job of sticking with my “wish list.”
Just look at this fabulous old window. I LOOOOVE the handles. This is going to hang on our bathroom wall. As soon as I can convince the guy with the power tools that buying an old window WAS a good idea, and that hanging it on the wall is a GENIUS idea. Stay tuned, this could take awhile.

This is an old sugar mold (at least that’s what the guy told me). The holes are the perfect size for candles. I HEART the green color. This found a home on our patio table for now, we can always use some flickering candlelight in the evenings.
Two ball jars in my favorite color. Now I have five! I’ll let you know when I come up with a fabulous way to display these.

These old wooden spools were only $1 each! The ends are made out of some kind of slate. I think these make wonderful rustic candlesticks. They’re not bad as a pumpkin pedestal either!

And, last but not least, I found an old Pepsi box!! Pottery Barn, eat your heart out, this was only $10.

Oh yeah, and Saturday night, my twelve year old son BROKE HIS LEG. Seriously, people, I am NOT making this up. The seven year old got his cast off today and now has a walking boot. His brother got a knee immobilizer for the next four weeks. When the girls get home, I’m going to wrap them in bubble wrap, convince them to give up sports, and hire a CHESS instructor. Chess is safe, isn’t it?

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35 thoughts on “I Fancy Flea Markets

  1. Great finds! Why go to all of the trouble of convincing The Guy With the Tools that hanging a window on a wall is a good idea? Hang it yourself! If you are just hanging your window flat on it a wall is should be much easier than when I hung my old window over my kitchen window. Especially if you use screw in mollys. You start a small hole and then screw them into the wall with a screw driver – my new favorite hanger upper so stuff doesn’t crash down thingy.

  2. Hi Kimm,

    You did GREAT this weekend! Now I can’t wait to see what you do with all your treasures. I have on my list of things to do is attend a hugh flea market like that. I’ve never been to one before.


  3. Kimm…. the cast is already off? cool beans! sorry I saik already, I’m sure it seemed like forever for your little guy!
    love your stuff! I just did a decoupage project with a 9 paned window like yours! It really turned out cute!
    as always, thanks for hosting!
    gail MRL

  4. Great buys. I love the window and the spools. They will make great candle holders, I would say “break a leg” but I am afraid you will take me seriously!

  5. I cannot believe y’all’s luck with the broken appendages! I’d try the bubble wrap too.

    I also can’t believe your amazing buys!! My husband would totally not *get* the idea of the window either. Sigh. I also LOVE the handles!!!

  6. I’m drooling over the Pepsi crate. I wanted a soda crate so badly (and a yellow one at that), that I paid $35 (including shipping) from some chucklehead on eBay. Wait. I’M probably the chucklehead for paying that much.

  7. Ohhh fabulous old window!!! I cannot wait to see what magic you pull with that little gem! That one has ALOT of character, moreso than most. The handles totally do it. Have fun with that baby!

    Thanks again for the party!


  8. I can’t wait to see the window – and of course everything else in their new homes. So sorry about your son – I took up swimming after I broke my leg as a little kid. It’s great for recovery. I would have a “Crush the Cast” party for your son to celebrate his freedom!

  9. Hi Kimm! I hate to admit this to you but I finally found out how to find you. I kept going over to the other blogs and met up with your team members but could never find you. Ugh! Im such a doofus. Ok..now that I have that off my chest and you know I have not benn ditchin’ ya….I love all of your goodies. I am so glad that you found some spools for a dollar. Layla and I bought some while at the longest yardsale and we paid a dollar too. I wish I had bought the whole lot. I later found out that they go around here for about 15 to 18.00!!! Can you believe that! Awesome finds…so glad I found you again too…smiles~

  10. I am so jealous, you got some amazing stuff!! Love, love, love the window.
    Sorry about your son, what a string of bad luck.

    Oh, and when I entered my link I had a typo, so I re-entered it. Can you please delete the first one (#24) so everybody doesn’t see what a dufus I am?

  11. I can’t believe it! another broken bone? Well you must be a pro now at handling this kinda of thing :) Love all your wonderful finds. My hubby wouldn’t get the whole window thing either. Love the coke box!!

  12. Love old windows! They are my fav. And the old Pepsi crates. I found some at flea market this summer and grabbed them right up. I also love the wooden spools! Awesome. :)

  13. Sorry you’re stuck with another cast around the house!! I would love to find an old window like that – not sure where I would put it – will be great to see what you do with yours.

    I’m linking my chalkboard re-do :)

  14. Wow is right! I love everything you bought. They’re all on my wish list too. Good for you not spending the grocery money. Kids have got to eat, right. So sorry about the injuries. Having kids is just exhausting and costly (medical bills). I love your site! Thanks for hosting. I’m really late, it was a super busy day.

  15. Love your junk! I can’t wait till Sat. to go garage sale-ing and get more for myself! Also, can’t wait till we have a boy…..they sound very exciting :)

  16. Hello Kimm – thank you for sharing your fabulous finds! I especially love the window. I rescued a couple dozen from my friend’s 1930’s home. I’ve repurposed 2 of them in my school room as a chalkboard and an inspirational board, but I have so many more that I don’t know what to do with. I wish you lived closer I would GIVE you some! Curious to see what you do with yours in the bathroom.


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