Fall On My Porch

Remember my fresh spring pink and green front porch?

Well…it’s been lookin’ kinda tired. The coleus were beautiful this summer, they grew to be HUGE and bushy and so colorful and easy to grow.

Then they died.

It MIGHT have been from neglect, but I’m not admitting to anything.

It was time for FALL decor anyway, right?

I have been dreaming of trying pumpkin topiaries on my front porch for YEARS, and today I decided to GO. FOR. IT.

Michael’s has their fake pumpkins on sale this week for 50% off, so if you’re gonna get some, NOW’S the time, girls.

Even at half off, six pumpkins cost me $34.00. For a Goodwill Guru like me, that was HARD. I convinced myself that it was WORTH IT, because they’ll last, like, forever.

Just so ya know, that’s the story I’m goin’ with when the husband gets home. Back me up, okay?

I bought two large white gourds. I bought two medium-sized classic orange pumpkins. I bought two white mini pumpkins.

I used my craft knife to cut off the stem of the large white ones, and the medium orange ones.

Here’s what my headless pumpkin looked like. Fortunately, there’s no “guts” in a fake pumpkin. I love that.

With my trusty hot glue gun, I attached the pumpkins in a stack.

I also used a dry brush and some burnt umber paint to give the color a little softness and depth. I got out my stencils and added some letters.

I am so pleased. Almost giddy.

I painted the flip side of my “B” monogram navajo white and left the apple green on the reverse, so I can change it on a whim!

I MIGHT add some black polka dots to the pots with mums. Do you think that would be too much? (geez, since when have I cared about too many polka dots? )

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59 thoughts on “Fall On My Porch

  1. i desperately want to copy this. do i have your blessing? i live in lexington, ky. & i’d be happy to give you credit to all the trick-or-treating mom’s who would no doubt inquire about them. those are just the sweetest looking things i’ve ever seen for halloween!!

  2. I’ve been seeing this display all over blogland and really enjoy how everyone has a different spin on it…so creative and inspiring to see all the versions. Yours is so stunning! I love the polka dots. You did an awesome with it! -Jackie

  3. L-O-V-E it!!! :) I’d totally do the black polka dots, but I love polka dots. :) You rock!! (PS. It killed me to spend that much on pumpkins too, but I’m so glad I did it now) :) I am forever indebted to you for that tip on the pumpkin prices. ;)

  4. I found your blog on 320*Sycamore and we have so much in common. I love blogs, reading, decorating, and I am a christian too. We are moving from Florida to a suburb of Cincinnati in 3 weeks and I started a blog to document all of the decorating that I am fixing to do. Stop by. It will be fun.

  5. You rocked this, Kimm! I love how it turned out! I love the polka dots on the pot. A couple of questions: 1) Did you have to weight the pumpkin topiaries or secure them some way – or do they do a good job of staying on their own? 2) Did you use the burnt umber paint on the white pumpkins, too, or just the orange?

    OK. I’m done now. Love it!

  6. I need to hire you to do my front porch….you did a great job! I love these sweet pumpkins! I have a great front porch that is EMPTY, but I’m too chicken to try anything! If I get the nerve up, you’ll be the first to know! See you at Thanksgiving…Kelly

  7. Kimm, I love these pumpkin topiaries…they’re so fun and stylish! Thanks for linking up to Frugalicious Friday, and I hope to see you again this week! ps. I’m getting my post together for Trash to Treasure Tuesday right now!

  8. I went to Michael’s this week to get white pumpkins! I love your idea. I was just thinking how much I love polka dots last night when I was looking at the latest PB Teen catalog. Fine job! I like your big “B”, too!
    @ Cheap Chic Home

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