Just A Little Black

Have you ever heard that saying “Every room needs a little black?” I don’t know who said it, but it must have been a VERY wise person. ‘Cuz I agree. If I agree with you, then you must be wise. Whateva.

So anyway, for today’s Trash to Treasure Tuesday Linky Party (say THAT three times fast), I got out my little jar of American Accents Craft and Hobby Enamel in Canyon Black, and my matching can of Canyon Black spray paint and updated a few items.
Why, you ask?
Why do you ask so many questions?

Well…I’ll have more to say about this later in the week (just warning you), but my whole “neutral with a pop of color” home decor philosophy has slowly but surely morphed into a classic “it looks like a rainbow threw up in here” look. (Remember when Vern Yip uttered this instant classic on Design Star?)
I’m actually trying to REMOVE some color and go for a more calming and sophisticated look. I’m thinking this MAY not work, because I just had to look up “sophisticated” in the dictionary, and I’m pretty sure that if I WAS sophisticated, I’d know how to SPELL sophisticated.
I started with this tray I made from a thrift store frame.

Now it looks like this. I actually cut this piece of fabric from my garage sale fabric window mistreatments in the dining room. Seriously, you can’t even tell I cut out a chunk.
I added back in my five dollar centerpiece, and now I’m lovin’ this look more than the original. The table top you see is my dining room table, and the legs and chair backs are painted black and distressed. The black frame looks so much better. It also adds some visual weight to the arrangement.

How is it that black pants are supposed to be SLIMMING, but black accessories ADD weight?

Next up are these clearance white plates. They are a little too white, so first I spray painted them Heirloom White.

Then I added black numbers. EVERYONE has numbers, so I needed some too. Not sure yet where I’m going to put them, but they’ll probably replace some rainbow vomit.

Yep, calm and sophisticated, that’s me.

You KNEW I had to do this one.

Two tips:

  1. Don’t ever think you can cut a cellulose sponge into a perfect circle, you can’t. If you want nice polka dots, go buy a round stencil sponge.
  2. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. Thank God for the Nester.

Link up those FABULOUS projects everyone! I am amazed every week by your creativity.

I’m linking up too, to Kimba’s DIY Day.

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19 thoughts on “Just A Little Black

  1. I’ve been painting lots black as well! Either that or white. Having neutral accessories and furnishings make it MUCH easier down the line to move them from room to room. Thanks again for hosting this great linky party! I love checking out everybody’s great projects.

  2. I love black in almost every room too – the only exception I make is dining room, because the wood tones I use in there are very dark, and black looks kind of off.

    I love your centerpiece!

  3. Black paint does it again! Looks like your one a roll….2 great projects! I’ve been trying to finish a few projects around the house. I’ve been hitting up Goodwill and coming home with tons of things to referb but never do it. My garage is starting to look like a makeshift Goodwill so I’m trying do the things I said I would when I bought all my Goodwill goodies home in the 1st place.

  4. A dark accent here and there in a room certainly does help ground the space. First time to your linky party…how much fun is this! I linked up a post from earlier this year, showing my update of some worn chairs.
    Off to look around at everyone’s projects!
    Thanks, Janell

  5. Love the plates! My friend has a number 4 on a plate in her dining hutch- theya re a family of four. I loved that idea, but we are 6 and I really don’t LIKE even numbers, oddly enough. ;) Hmm…

  6. Nice transformations and great sense of humor! I like your numbered plates especially, and love that you spontaneously chopped up a window treatment.

    I linked up a project–didn’t mention it in my post, but the materials were mostly repurposed: had the poster board from some client paint samples and the fabrics were scraps, so I felt it qualified as “trash to treasure” :)

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