More Pumpkin Topiaries

Happy Saturday, y’all! Thanks for all of your sweet comments about my pumpkin topiaries. I keep going outside just to gaze lovingly at them.

Several of you asked me how I secured them to the polka dot pots. I actually cut off all of the side braches from my beautiful but dead coleus plants and used the thick woody stem as a support. I cut a small hole in the bottom of the largest pumpkins and slid them over the stem. You could also push a wooden dowel down in to a pot still full of soil, or floral foam, and use that dowel as a support. Make sense?

SO not surprisingly, there are LOTS of fabulous stacked pumpkin ideas here in blog land. So, if you like the idea of stacking your pumpkins, but would like more options, I’ve found some for you!

I’m nice like that.

You know I’m a sucker for some polka dots. I am in love with this idea from Amanda at
Imperfectly Beautiful. I’m pretty sure polka dotted pumpkins in my polka dotted pots would be a LITTLE too much. But in this urn of Amanda’s? Fabulous.

If you prefer to carve your pumpkins and light them from within, check out this idea from Frugal Fine Living. Just remember these fake pumpkins are flammable, so don’t use real candles.

How about using stencils or stickers to add your house number? Too bad my address has four digits… this idea is from Creative Home Expressions.

Happy Pumpkin Stacking! Have a fabulous weekend. I’ll see y’all back here on Monday.

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