Totally Terrific Tassel Giveaway

Happy beautiful fall Monday everyone! I hope the view out your window is as fabulous as mine is. Blue skies, and vibrant fall color. Ahhh, my favorite season.

Now for MORE fabulous views. Our little community of REINVENTORS has a new sponsor, Carol from Tassel Castle.

I am thrilled to introduce you to Carol, her Etsy shop the Tassel Castle, and her BEEEAAAUUUTIFUL tassels.

Check out this adorable rooster tassel. Black, white and a touch of red, WOW. I have 1,185 places I could enjoy this tassel at my house.

Carol also makes table top tassels, and I think this is a fantastic idea. This pear tassel would be a beautiful addition to your buffet or china cabinet display. Oh my. (Note to self: must quit drooling on laptop, girl, you can’t afford a new one.)

If you read the title, then you’re probably EXPECTING a giveaway, right? Well…
Carol did not disappoint. Just LOOK what you can win!

Holy cow, a monogram tassel. This. has. got. to. be. the. best. thing. ever. EVER.
Want one? Don’t worry, you don’t have to change your last name to one that starts with an “H”, Carol will make one JUST FOR YOU!
To win:
  1. Enter a comment on this post, and tell me where you’d put your custom tassel.
  2. Visit Carol’s shop, then leave me another comment telling me what your favorite item is.
  3. Tweet about this giveaway, then return here and let me know that you did!

Help Carol get as many shoppers as possible, and you might win something! How cool is that?

The winner will be announced on Friday, October 23rd.

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73 thoughts on “Totally Terrific Tassel Giveaway

  1. OK Kimm – I love the black and gold filigree tassel – I think she is right – it could stay out all year round “because it is just fussy enough”! I love that one!

  2. I would have to agree with Phares, it would have to go on my entrytable, right beside the picture of my girls. Now as to my favorite, well I kinda have this thing for birds :) and I adore the color green and black, so with that being said, my favorite is most definitaly the Chubby black bird table top tassle. I am going to have to buy this. Thanks for the link to a great esty shop :

  3. Okay, I’m back with another comment. Just looked at her etsy shop. I think maybe I like the “Lovin’ Leopard” the best. But I’m not sure–maybe the Folk Art Rooster is my fave. They’re all beautiful!

    I left an earlier comment but forgot to say where I’d put my monogram tassel. I think I’d probably hang it from the door handle on my antique dough cabinet.

    There! I hope I’ve done the right thing to enter, because this would be a really fun giveaway to win!

  4. First off, I love anything with letters and/or numbers. So graphic and personal. I would put it on the antique dresser my great grandfather handmade, it’s in the living room.

  5. Oh I love the monogram, so cool! I’m torn, I want to put it somewhere for everyone to see like the living room or kitchen. But then, I want to be able to admire it all the time, so it would probably go by my desk :)

  6. O-M-G I am in love with that rooster one!!! I just repainted my kitchen and living room so this would be perfect. Then I would need a pink and green one with a monogram for my office…and another one for the bathroom…oooo and how about one for my entry way. LOVE them!!!

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