Trash to Treasure Tuesday–Baby Bathroom Steps

Hi y’all. I have finally painted my powder room.

As part of my quest to lighten up and neutralize our decor, I wanted to change the walls from “Cherry Cobbler” red, to “China Doll” cream.

And now, for a reluctant admission: Primer is my friend. I have always known in my head that priming is the “RIGHT THING TO DO”, but, you see…

There is NO instant gratification in a can of primer. Even after two coats it looks awful.

Instant gratification is ALWAYS my goal, so in the past I’ve usually skipped the priming step.


Two coats of primer and two coats of China Doll, and these walls are beautifully cream colored, with no hint of cherry cobbler in sight.
I know that you all won’t laugh at me for looooving “off-white.” My husband laughed, but this is a man that can’t tell the difference betweeen “China Doll” and “Sundew”. Geeez. EVERYONE knows that Sundew is a more yellow off-white, and China Doll is a browner off-white. Right?

I’m still working on accessories, but I’m planning on using the black and cream combo, with some beachy accents. Like this framed shell.

And these shells. Stay tuned, there’s a painted shelf for this bathroom drying in my garage right now! And I’ve got an idea for those boring white switchplates…

How much have I spent so far? Nothing. I already had the primer and paint leftover from other projects. Cool.

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31 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure Tuesday–Baby Bathroom Steps

  1. I LOVE red and painted a couple of walls in my basement family room red a couple of years ago. I recently painted over them a lighter color like yours. I have learned that a little red goes a long way. Now I just accessorize with lots of red. I love your lighter color and new look in the bathroom.

  2. I had to laugh – I just painted my kitchen a bright, bright Persimmon. I may be “taming it down” in a few years. :) Right now, I’m on a big color kick. Love your bathroom. :)

  3. I love the new look (esp. that cute framed shell). My dining room is red with a white chair rail and the bottom half of the wall is white too. I’m wishing I could find something a bit tamer, but I’m undecided.

    Ditto on the primer! I haaaaaaaate waiting. ;)

  4. That is a gorgeous color…and I’m with you on the priming thing. We had to prime over impossible-to-remove wallpaper and panelling. Ugh. Makes the job soooo much longer, but it yields the best results.
    I linked up. :o)

  5. I linked the laundry room to your party….there were a few trash to treasure pieces:)
    Thanks for stopping by and for your enthusiasm!
    Nice feedback is a joy to receive!


  6. Hey everyone, thanks for the comments! To answer Laura’s question, “China Doll” is a Sherwin Williams color. It’s number 1101 in their old paint deck, the one that had 5-6 colors on each strip. There’s some paint on the label of my can, so I can’t read the “recipe”, but I know you can still get it! HOpe that helps.

  7. Ohhhh pretty pretty pretty! Can’t wait to see the transformation! You must love the new fresh brightness!

    Addressing your hubby’s lack of knowledge on what regulates a good tone vs. a bad tone… just goes to show how important your role in the relationship is, I say. :)


  8. I love your blog. I’m a fellow Ohioan where are you? I’m in Columbus but have lived over Oh. It seems we have a lot in common. Your blog is great can’t wait to read more.

  9. Kimm,

    Love your new neutral walls and you can’t beat the price either. I’m not a primer either, but I do have primer and paint for the last remaining red walled area in my house (I’ve had both for months). By the time I get to it I will probably change my mind about the color. My living room and kitchen were red for years.

    Yours looks wonderful and I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

  10. I saw a new line of paint at Home Depot that has the primer already mixed in with the paint. They had some sample boards comparing it to regular Behr paint over regular primer and withoug primer. I have to say I was interested. My builder used such cheap and watered down paint that I wipe away paint when I clean the walls with a damp sponge. Any new paint jobs will definately include primed walls.

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