Trash To Treasure Tuesday–Switchplate Switch-up

Today’s project appeared to me in a vision.

Naw, just kidding. But I WAS wandering around in JoAnn’s when I had an epiphany.
An angel of the Lord appeared…sorry.

Anyway…I had these plain white plastic switchplates in our powder room. You know the ones, functional in their own sweet way, but FAR from decorative. Powder rooms are SO small, you’ve got to take any opportunity to transform the functional into decorative, you know?
First I spray painted them Heirloom White. I know, you could’ve guessed that step. I promise it gets more creative.

During my trip to JoAnn’s, I discovered a beautiful piece of scrolly paper. It was $1.59, so I took it home, sure I could use it for SOMETHING.

Then it hit me! (warning, poor photo quality ahead)

I laid the painted switchplates upside down on the paper and cut around them with my craft knife. Lots of trimming followed while I tried to get the perfect fit. I attached the paper with glossy Mod Podge, then added two coats on top to seal it. I’ll have to get back to ya on the durability of these, but I’m pretty sure then won’t show finger prints!

Me likey. You likey?

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I’m linking up to Kimba’s DIY day, one of my favorite parties!

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47 thoughts on “Trash To Treasure Tuesday–Switchplate Switch-up

  1. Now those turned out great! Love the paper you chose too. I think I may have to try this -with fabric. Wonder if it would work? :)

    I’m linking up, not quite sure if my kitchen qualifies as trash to treasure, but I figured you won’t kick me out – right? :)

  2. Oh My Goodness….they turned out GREAT! I love that idea. I will be doing my powder room something soon (probably after the holidays) and will have to try this.

  3. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Angel of the Lord…that’s not who I generally encounter @ Joanne’s…I usually m have satan on one shoulder telling me to “buy more, buy more!” and and angel tell me to get out before I go over my Visa limit! Your switch plates are miraculously cute and will bring the light to all men! ;}

    m ^..^

  4. awesome!

    I just put all my old switchplates into the city’s “free curb day” (or whatever it was called) where you put all your stuff on the curb for people to take for free! Someone took those. :)

  5. They are Soooooo Cute!!! I did some letters for a girls room and did her light switch plates and outlet covers to match the paper on her letters and they have held up well! I covered the entire thing and had it go over the edges, it was cute but I like how you trimmed yours, I think it looks so much classier! Love it!! I may have to try this! Ohhhh and I SOOO LOVE Joanns, I had not been in one since I was a teenager and hated it and my mom use to make me go there with her, lol and Ohhhh my goodness did I have fun!! They had some Awesome clearance!! I got some super cute fleur di Leur hooks for my bathroom for $3 and lots of other goodies!! Ok, I’m done typing now, just had to share that, lol!

  6. Me likey a lot. In fact I did that a while ago. I used lovely scrapbooking paper for one and for the other I used sort of sticker material on a roll. With pink roses and love them. Want to do the ones in my living room as well.

  7. Oh Kimm, I’m laughing at you regarding the comment you left….”Could you hurry”. Let me tell you something, my dear sweet husband just informed me last night that it will probably take him a MONTH to do the flooring! Now mind you he’s never done tiling before so I did anticipate it taking a little longer but a MONTH! I’m going to have to share with him that you said to HURRY!! Maybe he’ll move faster…..LOL

  8. Kimm,
    What a great idea for those plain-Jane outlet covers! Thanks for grabbing the button. I really appreciate it. I love your blog re-design, BTW.

  9. I love these! I never thought about dealing with the plain white switch plates and doing something clever, instead of paying mega-bucks for decorative ones in the store.

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