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Hey everyone!

Since it’s November now and all, it really is TIME to start planning for holiday gifts, if you haven’t already.

I haven’t already.

I spend A LOT of time thinking about fabric swatches, paint chips, staple guns and that fabulous sewing machine that I REALLY want, but I’m terrible about planning ahead for holiday gift giving.

Thank goodness for Edie, at Life in Grace. She’s planning for me, I mean US.

Edie is hosting TWELVE crafty ladies sharing their homemade gift ideas, one each for the next 12 days! LOTS of us are cutting and slashing our gift budgets and looking for ways to WOW our family and friends with meaningful handmade gifts, so this REQUIRED READING.

Just check out today’s project, a dish mat. Holy cow, do I NEED one of these.

Oops, there I go again. What I meant was, I would love to make one to GIVE away. If only I had a sewing machine…

Edie even shared an extra project last week, she had me HOOKED with these adorable stockings made from old sweaters! Easy to follow directions are HERE.

So…what are you waiting for? GO to Life In Grace!

But please come back here when you’re done, okay?

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7 thoughts on “Blog Sighting

  1. Thanks for sharing this link Kimm.
    Like you, I have NOT already started planning the Christmas gifts yet. I have been thinking about it for like 2 weeks. In fact, it was on my definitely to do list for this past weekend. Alas. So thanks again, this is just the motivation I need.

  2. I Christmas shop all year round. If not for actual gifts for ideas. That way I can spread the spending out a bit and do a cash only Christmas. I also take advantages of sales and summer craft fairs. I have most of my stocking stuffers (hello handmade soaps!) I made a couple of Buttercup purses because someone on my list liked mine and wanted me to make her one last summer. Funny I didn’t get around to it until Dec 25th. :)

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