Change Up Your Christmas Decor

Do you change up your holiday decor from year to year?

Ever since I was diagnosed by Wendy with the raging chronic illness called OCD (“obsessively consumed with decorating”), I have been obsessively consumed with making small changes to freshen up my decor ALL. YEAR. LONG.

Why should the holidays be any different?

Last year, Christmas was red, white and aqua blue.

This year, after several hours in a zombie like state at Hobby Lobby (man, that was fun!), I’ve decided to go with a darker “barn red” and sage green combo.

I know, I know, these are the traditional holiday colors, so I’m not exactly shocking anyone with my originality here.

I found some really cool stuff, though, for not much money, which is KEY if you like to change up your decor each year. Or each day, not that I’d ever do that.

Here’s what I bought. The scrap book paper will be perfect for adding these colors throughout our home, and at 59 cents a sheet, it won’t break the bank.

I am in looooove with this red frame, it’s metal and scrolly and just perfect for our family room. AND it was 50% off.

Just perfect for THIS. Christmas card picture? Done. done. done. (if you’re getting a Christmas card from me, don’t look at the next picture, okay?)

The four sweetest children on the planet. All of their bones are healed, even.

Ribbon is half off too this week at Hobby Lobby. Polka dot stockings? I couldn’t resist.

More dots.

Oh my, check out this wrapping paper, it’s fabulous. A HUGE roll for $4.00.

I bought these chip board letters too, but you’ll have to come back tomorrow for Trash to Treasure Tuesday to find out what I used them for!

C u then! (my kids think I’m cool when I use texting language, just so ya know.)

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8 thoughts on “Change Up Your Christmas Decor

  1. I bought some very similar paper….and I got the houndstooth paper, too. In red and white AND black and white…not JUST for Christmas! I am also using similar colors based on my new SLaHOME hanging trio! That ribbon might be just perfect….gotta run get some before it’s all goooooooonnnnnnneeeeeee……………..:)


  2. LOVE that wrapping paper! I kinda have a “thing” about pretty wrapping paraphernalia. I love using those small elements to freshen up decor. What impact they can make! Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got coming up tomorrow.

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