Pumpkin Perfection For Your Thanksgiving Table

I start off each day with such GOOD intentions. The kids leave for school, and my “To Do” list is waiting patiently for me on the kitchen island.

Then it happens. I think “I’ll just check my e-mail REAL QUICK before I start cleaning.”

Down the slippery slope I go.

First of all, I was sooo excited to see over 100 comments on the DESIGN RULES giveaway post from yesterday. This is a MUST HAVE book. I just wish I was OPRAH and could buy you all a copy.

What? You want me to get to the point?

Okay. So I was over at Edie’s, checking out today’s 12 Days of Christmas Craft, and I clicked on the link to her friend Denise’s blog. She’s the lady who made those cute little birds that Edie featured yesterday.

I’m liking what I see, so I keep scrolling through Denise’s posts. Does this ever happen to you?

Then I see these:

Holy Thankgiving Centerpiece, Batman. These ribbon embellished pumpkins are the cutest thing EVER. Click here for the tutorial.

Now I’m an hour behind on that “To Do” list that easily could have taken ALL DAY LONG.

You’re welcome.

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19 thoughts on “Pumpkin Perfection For Your Thanksgiving Table

  1. Thanks for the link to a darling project, I NEED to make one too. Great post as always!!!
    We appreciate your visit to our blog and your uber kind words. As to your request, we would be honored to be mentioned in your blog…just linking for your party is an thrill!
    Deborah & Hubs

  2. That is the sweetest thing!!! I think I will make one and take to my mom’s (it is the first Thanksgiving we will spend with my side of the family in 10 years!!!!) Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m really glad to know that I’m not the only one who does this. . . .

    I had finished typing that sentence, when my nose caught a whiff of something. “What’s that?” I wondered to myself. Uh-oh. It was the nuts I was roasting for our dinner salad. I sat just to check my email real quick while they were in the oven, and–well, you know the rest.

    A new batch of nuts in the oven. And yours is the last blog I’m visiting this afternoon. I get you, girl.

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