So…when I said meet me back here on Saturday, I TOTALLY meant Sunday night.
You knew that, right?
I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and a wonder-full weekend. We had such a great time with all sides of our families on Thursday, helped my Dad and Step-mom move into their new home on Friday, and painted our kitchen and great room on Saturday and Sunday.
Needless to say, I’m a little tired, and I have this pain in my lower back…
Now on to the holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the decorating season!
There were so many great ideas in last week’s Trash to Treasure Tuesday, I wanted to highlight some projects that involve repurposing, upcycling, and “reinventing” items that in previous years we might have thrown away. (we might have even bought NEW, ewwww!)
NOT THIS YEAR, this is the year we’re saving money AND the environment by reinventing our holiday decor, incorporating new ideas and fabulously festive colors.
Our first idea is from Yoga Gal. Yoga Gal’s outdoor wreath was losing a little of it’s luster, so she updated and refreshed it. Love that festive bow!

Next up are these ADORABLE aprons from A Little Bit of This and That, made from thrift store dish towels! Be. still. my. heart.

Have you seen all of the ornament wreaths around blogland this year? My Backyard Eden used an old wire hanger and a bunch of dollar store ornaments to make this gorgeous version. She used the classic red and green, and I’m in love.

Need stockings for Santa to fill? Shop your local thrift for wool sweaters, and make a colorful stocking like Holly, from Homebody did.
Just think of the possibilities!

Glitter and garlands, oh my. Mustard Seed Creations made this spectacular “WISH” garland from an empty cereal box. AND some fabulous glitter.

Ahhh, I love GLITTER season, I mean, the holiday season.

I can’t wait until Tuesday, the sheer volume of fabulous ideas is STAGGERING!

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3 thoughts on “REINVENTION CONVENTION–A Trash to Treasure Wrap-Up

  1. What great ideas! This holiday season has been so much fun seeing all these great ideas! Using a cereal box is an awesome ideas! I can see me stock piling them now :)

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