Stylish and Sticky: A TapeSwell Giveaway!

It’s that time of year again, time to shop for thoughtful and creative gifts for friends and family.

Well…I’ve heard that there are some people who shop in November. Those annoyingly organized planner aheader types. (If you’re one of those people, I’m speaking about you totally GREEN with envy of your skills.)

Do you have friends and family that are geographically distant from you? Do you find yourself shipping out large brown boxes full of gifts?

Ever wish you could do something to dress up those plain brown boxes with something festive and colorful, but still acceptable to the US Postal Service?

Have I got an idea for you! I recently became acquainted with TapeSwell, an awesome company that sells stylish shipping solutions.

AND…Eileen, from TapeSwell has offered a lucky REINVENTED reader $20 to spend at their site!

Look at this black and white damask shipping tape! If anything ever falls apart in my black and white powder room, I am soooo taping it back together with this.

Here are a couple fabulous rolls of holiday shipping tape. Just think how excited your friends and family would be to get a package decorated with this!

TapeSwell has shipping labels too. I’m in loooooove with this black and scrolly one. Am I getting a little too predictable?

Don’t answer that.

Here’s the holiday shipping labels to coordinate with the fabulous tape above.

These envelope wraps are a genius idea. One of those that I wish I would’ve thought of. What a cool way to dress up your correspondence.

Wanna know how YOU can win $20 worth of TapeSwell sticky fabulousness?

  1. Visit TapeSwell’s site and then leave me a comment with your favorite product.
  2. Tweet about this giveaway, TapeSwell loves tweets and so do I! (Be sure and leave me a second comment that you tweeted to count as your second entry.)

That’s it! Good luck!

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82 thoughts on “Stylish and Sticky: A TapeSwell Giveaway!

  1. Kim,

    I am totally in love with the Mod Blooms and Grid Combo Pack! I have family all over the US and would adore having these pretty tape rolls to dress up the boxes I send to them!


  2. Never knew such cool stuff existed! Thanks for the info. I think the envelope wraps are the best. What a fun way to bring a smile to someone even before they open the card!

  3. Holy cow. I’d not heard of tapeswell and I just went totally nuts on their site. I love functional items with style! I love the two tapes that look like lace and those Victorian mailing labels!

    Saw your comment on the scarf post – it’s easy and you can do it! Go for it! :)
    And I was thiiiiiiis close to actually finishing a project for Trash To Treasure Tuesday but there were issues. Ah well, next week.

  4. I tweeted this:
    @ KimmReinvented Stylish & Sticky: TapeSwell Giveaway!: Creative, beautiful tape & labels for your holiday wrapping tap
    Also love the black lace looking tape!

  5. Ohhhh, I have NO family near me so unless we’re travelin’ we have to ship everything. For every day….Love the Leaf Medley and the Birdie Bright, but for the holidays I love both of the Partridge tapes. Such a cute idea!

  6. After looking through everything, my fave is the Damask Decorative Packing Tape! It’s so girly and you can use it with ANY color! :) I’ve never seen this before…what FUN I could use this for! :)


  7. It is hard to pick a favorite….but I do love love love the shipping tape. What a great idea when shipping out my MK orders!! Very Cool site….thanks for the info Kimm!!

  8. Ok, so I can not twitter. I just can. not. do. one. more. tech. thing. However, I have family in TX, NJ, FL, NYC and NYS. I live in CA. So, I have to mail *everything*. It can be a real hassle and this would so sweeten the deal. Love the faux bois, the stripe and the Groovy Kinda Love tapes.

  9. I love the black and white damask tape! I am always trying to fem-up my gifts to my girlfriend in California but it is hard to find things that won’t get caught on belts when shipping! This is a great idea!

  10. I love the Lyra Kraft Envelope Wraparound! What an idea! I can see that with green or red envelopes with Christmas cards. This is going in my favorites!

  11. I Love the Grid decorative Packing tape. No way would I use this for mailing packages though. I would have to figure out some way to use this in a decorative craft project (haha). Don’t tell them though, or they might raise the prices.

  12. thanks for offering such a lovely giveaway. . I would love to have some of those scroll mailing label tapes. . .I also loved the idea page with the lamp. . that looks like fun too.

  13. I’ve got to have the envelope wrap arounds. What a great way to transform a plain white envelope into some fantastic mail! I would be excited to get a letter with a wrap around on it.

  14. I love this site, who knew mailing packages could be fun and stylish? I would love to have the Black & Vintage White Lace Combo Pack, so many uses for this around the home!

  15. Well, of course I love the combo pack because everything coordinates! And though I love all of them (quite a step up from packing tape) Mod blooms and Grid is the one for me! Life just keeps getting better, doesn’t it!

  16. The black and white damask is gorgeous and it looks like a napkin ring… I wasn’t surprised when I saw it made up as one in Tapewell’s projects…too cute. Another favorite is the brown, lined mailing label frame.

  17. I love the “Groovy Love Decorative Packing Tape”!! My husband is deployed and I always send him packages. What a treat it would be for him to get his packages with this tape. ***** Warm fuzzies *****

    Love it!!!!

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