Trash to Treasure Tuesday and A Tapeswell Winner!

Good morning, my friends and HAPPY TRASH TO TREASURE TUESDAY to all.
Before we get to today’s project, it’s time to announce the winner of the FABULOUS Tapeswell giveaway. Today’s drawing proves that the “early bird gets the worm”, because the Random Number Generator actually picked NUMBER ONE!
That’s you KARLY from Coastal Plains Living! Congrats!
For the next few weeks, I’m hoping to feature as many TRASH TO TREASURE gift ideas as possible, and inspire us all to have a “REINVENTED, REPURPOSED” holiday season.
I’m sure we would probably all agree that trash to treasure beauties and repurposed items might not be the best gifts for EVERYONE on our lists, especially the loved ones we buy underwear for, but lovingly “REMADE” gifts are pretty close to perfect for LOTS of people.
Today’s TRASH TO TREASURE idea is brought to you by The Old White Cottage.
This project is a fabulous way to add some gorgeous to any thrift store frame.
All you need is an ordinary frame with some flat surface area, a can of spray paint, buttons and hot glue.
Take these from this…
To this!

Aren’t they beautiful and sparkly and gorgeous?

Now, let’s get to the PARTY!

Please remember to link back to REINVENTED in your posts, so that everyone can share ideas, ‘cuz, after all, that’s what we’re all here for!

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18 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure Tuesday and A Tapeswell Winner!

  1. Yay, I like your linky parties, they always give me lots of visitors! I was doing frames today too. Sorry, didn’t intend to copy you. At least they are different! Have fun, thanks for the PARTY!

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