Trash to Treasure–The Wall Art Edition

Welcome to Trash to Treasure Tuesday! If you’re new here, then a double welcome to you, and thanks for visiting. Put your feet up and fix yourself a drink.

You’re sure to find LOTS of great Trash to Treasure ideas, ‘cuz I have some talented friends.

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And NOW…for some wall art.

Do you have a naked wall, and an almost naked wallet?

I’ve been there, done that. And I revisit the situation often. DIY Home Ideas has solved our problem.

Got some stencils? Stencil a pattern right on your wall and frame it with a thrift store frame. Instant wall art! If you don’t want to stencil directly on the wall, use a piece of poster board, or some fabric. I cut up a canvas drop cloth and stenciled on that. Look here for that project.

Speaking of fabric, how about just framing a beautiful fabric scrap? Beautiful pattern AND color on your walls. Isn’t that what art is supposed to do?

How about another empty frame? This one is hung over a map, but you can also just hang empty frames. This adds an architectural element to the art.

Look out, fabulous kitchen art idea below. What a great idea for displaying photos in the kitchen. I guess you probably should use NEW pans for this, the ones in my cupboard are, shall we say, less than pristine.

I loooove these ceiling rosettes. Simple and graphic. My favorite.

Speaking of graphic. If you’re into typography, this license plate collage is DROOL WORTHY.

My husband would think I was NUTS if I hung license plates on the wall.
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22 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure–The Wall Art Edition

  1. Love that stencil idea. Long stretches of wallspace terrorize me. Lately I’ve been searching for long horizontal artwork as I have so many of these spaces in my house. But seeing all these ideas is inspiring me to get out of the box :O)Thanks for hosting the party (I’m having one the 16th, if you’re interested…would love to have you!)

  2. Thanks for hosting the party again. I love all the great ideas I get from everyone. I love the idea that framing material or scrapbook paper can add such a great impact to a wall and room.

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