Christmas Wall Art

My friends, I was a DOMESTIC GODDESS today. I cooked (ham and bean soup and chocolate chip cookies), I dusted, vacuumed, mopped and scrubbed.

And my dining room table still looks the same. A girl can only make so much progress in one day.

No, I won’t show you again, you’ll have to scroll down to see the mess.

I even MADE something today, during my “breaks”.

Remember these?

blog 002


This scrapbook paper “art” hung above our family room sofa when the walls were still Humble “the walls are so bright I gotta wear shades” Gold. My, how I dislike that color.

Anyway, you know that the walls are “Flax” now, so I decided to change out the art. I saw a cool Holiday window display at a shop nearby and thought I’d try and copy it for some Christmas wall art at my house.

Christmas Wall Art


I reused the canvases, but it would have been easier if I wasn’t so cheap and was willing to spend the $20 on new ones. Mod Podge STICKS, people. For good. I finally gave in and spray painted the edges of the canvas with Heirloom White, then brushed on some RL smoke glaze to make it look like old canvas.

The letters are chipboard from Hobby Lobby, (I warned you you’d see these again!) painted silver and hot glued on. Yeah, the “E” is crooked, I know. Hot glue sticks even better than Mod Podge.

noel 004

I had a REALLY hard time getting a good picture. I didn’t get these done until after dark, which is at, like, 2pm now. Remember, I was cleaning ALL DAY.

I hung these with those Command Adhesive picture hanging strips, they worked like a charm.

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25 thoughts on “Christmas Wall Art

  1. I’m sure Oprah will be calling you to come on and tell about your domesticity, since Martha is unavailable!! HA…….but girl, you did good today. Forget about the table, and celebrate your accomplishments! The table will probably be waiting for you today..unless you had a fairy come in…did you???????????


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