Dollar Store Centerpiece

Remember my Five Dollar Fall Centerpiece?

1013 004

Believe it or not, the white mini-pumpkins were still in pretty good shape, but I decided to update the table for Christmas.

Sticking to my FIVE DOLLAR budget, I ran to the Dollar Tree, and spent FOUR DOLLARS.

Here’s how it looks now.

centerpiece 002 (please ignore the paperclip)

Remember, my dining room walls are “apple green”, so I stick pretty monochromatic in there, I don’t want to BLIND the people who walk by my dining room, wondering why we never eat in there.

I bought two bags of cinnamon scented pinecones, a sleeve of green ornaments, and the larger green flocked ornament.

I already had the garland.

I even used TRASH. See the silver ribbon? It was leftover from the year I had the bright idea to hang GLASS ornaments from the stairwell railing.

DON’T EVER DO THIS, especially if you have boys…

Just sayin’.

centerpiece 003

I’m loving the “ornament on a candlestick pedestal” idea.

centerpiece 004

Are you wondering why I am only taking CLOSE-UPS?

Because the rest of my dining room table looks like THIS:

centerpiece 001

NOW you know why we never actually EAT in there. Just keepin’ it real.

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24 thoughts on “Dollar Store Centerpiece

  1. “DON’T EVER DO THIS, especially if you have boys…”

    As a mother of 4 boys, this cracked me up, although I’ve got to say, the 3 year old girl is way more destructive than the boys around here…sigh.

  2. Love the apple green. Great idea to keep it monochromatic, though it came from the dollar store, it rivals Pottery Barn in simplistic elegance. Wow, what a frugal savings!

  3. I love the centerpiece. I was rofl at your last picture, because I frequently take close ups, so you can’t see all of my “reality” aka mess. Thanks for the morning chuckle.

  4. Ditto the other comments so far. I’ve had comments from friends regarding pictures
    on my blog showing “how cute your house must be”…little do they know the “real”
    look! Close-ups and the crop tool are wonderful things!!!!

    Thanks for a peek behind-the-curtain! Gives the rest of us comfort and joy!!!


  5. I love your Dollar Tree centerpiece! AND really . . . thank you for keeping it real – it is nice to know I am not the only one that has a table that looks like that. =)

  6. Thanks for keepin’ it real Kimm…love that! And you certainly can use my recycled wine bottle for your round up post…I’d be honored! Oh and love your $5 Holiday centerpiece too…you can’t beat a cute n’ thrifty project like that!

    Jane @ Finding Fabulous

  7. That green is perfect for both seasons! How long have you been sitting on this information??? :)

    Between the little hands breaking ornaments and the same hands touching candles — I’m thinking of rolling the candles in broken ornament pieces for that “Sharp Decor” look. He-ha! THAT’LL keep their hands away.

    (And I am sooo joking — well about putting kid hands in harms way anyway. I might have an idea with that crushed ornament decor thing though . . .)

  8. You crack me up- I took close ups the other day for the same reason :). The ornament on the candle holder is adorable.

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