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Christmas Tour of Homes with The Nester

Oh, how I love a party at the Nester’s house. Or, I THINK I would like a party at the Nester’s house, and if I lived in her neighborhood, I’m sure I’d be invited.

I’ll settle for an invite to her Tour of Homes Christmas party.

EVERYONE is invited and we’re all sharing pics of our holiday decorated homes. This is gonna be SO FUN.

Guess I’ll start with my F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E. holiday decor item, the Christmas tree. We drive out to a tree farm every year and cut down our own tree. This year my twelve year old son cut it down for the first time. With supervision, of course.

wrapping paper, ornaments 005 We’ve had plenty of sitcom worthy adventures on this trip to the Christmas tree farm. Like the time our tree fell off of our vehicle and bounced down the road behind us. I was 8.5 months pregnant, and did NOT think this was funny at the time.

Yes, I made him go back and get it.

And rinse it off before he brought it in the house.

As you can probably tell, our tree has no theme. The Nester says thats okay. We have a mixture of homemade ornaments and family heirlooms, along with the new ones I can’t resist each year. The tree skirt I made out of felt, and for several years I made the kids cover their palms in paint and press them on. Then they got big and uncooperative. That’s why there’s only three years of hand prints. It has NOTHING to do with me being unable to keep up a tradition…

wrapping paper, ornaments 008

I like to have a new dated ornament each year, but those can get kinda pricey and sometimes they’re ugly, so I just buy one I like and write the year on with a silver paint pen.

wrapping paper, ornaments 009 My taste can change A LOT from one year to the next.

I like ornaments so much, I use them wherever I can.

I filled my glass jar on the kitchen island. I just can’t get enough of the sparkle.readers theater, basketball 016

These came from the Dollar tree. I added some ribbon and clippings from our tree, all in my wooden pedestal bowl in the foyer.

readers theater, basketball 011

This plate is also in the foyer, on top of the bookcase, next to the bowl. I added rub on letters and puffy paint dots for the season. In January, I’ll just scrape them off.

readers theater, basketball 012

Above the bookcase, still in the foyer, I’ve added our folk art Nativity to a narrow shelf, beneath some more canvas drop cloth art that I stenciled.

readers theater, basketball 013

My kids look forward to placing the Baby Jesus in the manger after Mass on Christmas Eve.

You’ve seen my five dollar dining room centerpiece, but today I’m happy to announce that the dining room table is actually CLEAN.

readers theater, basketball 014

Then there’s the canvas and scrap paper wall art I made for over the couch. I’m still in love with this.

noel 005_thumb[14]

And it’s been a whole week.

If you’d like to see the decorating I did above our kitchen cabinets with just a roll of wrapping paper, look here.

Thanks so much for stopping by. If this was your first visit, then PLEASE come back sometime.

I wish for you all a happy, healthy, peaceful and joyous season and a Merry Christmas.

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39 thoughts on “Home Tour at Nesting Place

  1. I really like the idea of writing the date on a favorite ornament for each year if you can’t find one you like with the date on it already. I’m going to try that.

    Your tree looks great! We used to put my son’s train track around our tree each year when he was little. Seeing yours brought back memories. He loved watching it go around and around and around… :-)

  2. Your home looks lovely! I finally realized today that hey oh um Christmas is RIGHT around the corner and I’d better step on it if I want to get all those decorating projects finished. I did a marathon and finished four today. Woohoo! Go team! ;)

  3. It looks so beautiful! As I’m touring, I keep seeing so many great ideas that I want to use, but I’m not sure I’ll actually have the time for this year.

    And my tastes change a ton each year, too. And something about Christmas- do I want traditional red/green? Do I want multi-colors? What about red/silver theme? I can never decide!

  4. Your home’s beautiful. I love the train around the tree. We did that years ago but haven’t done it for a while. Yours looks so cute, I might have to try it again. We don’t have a theme to our tree either, but I like it that way. It tells a story of our family. Thanks for the invite to your home. Merry Christmas!

  5. your home is lovely! i think my favorite decoration you showed is the table centerpiece… i think i’m partial to lime green! :) i think your tradition of making ornaments is great; your son will treasure them in the future, no doubt.
    merry christmas!

  6. My favorite things are your tree skirt with the hand prints and the train going around your tree! Great job on the centerpiece and Noel over the couch. They both look great! Kelly

  7. I love the idea of your children’s prints being on the tree skirt. Talk about a great Memory keepsake! and the train around the tree is always a classic. Love it! Thanks for the tour and Happy Holidays!

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