Trash to Treasure Round-Up


Hi everyone, how’s it going?  Is your shopping done?

Me neither. 

Cookies baked?


Gifts Wrapped?

I have started…


Are you enjoying this wonderful season?

Me too.


So is Archie.  He is feeling GREAT, despite the bland, low residue diet we’re feeding him, and sends his appreciation for all of the get well wishes you all sent on Thursday.


Yes, my dog can READ.  He really likes Highlights.


Anyway, there have been some REALLY COOL  projects linked up to Trash to Treasure Tuesday the past two weeks.  I have a few here to share, but please check out as many as you can!


You all know how much I LOVE a monogram and polka dots, so I just couldn’t resist these adorable ornaments from  Embellished Bayou.  I’m pretty sure these letters were painted on free hand.  Wow. 



Holly at Homebody made this fabulous recipe holder from a thrift store fork, some fabric and a frame.  I.  LOVE.  THIS.  Just imagine all of the personalization possibilities and oodles of beautiful fabric choices.



This canvas Bible verse art, from The Persimmon Perch, is a FABULOUS interpretation of expensive word art.  I’m wishing I would’ve seen this in time to make some for gifts.  Directions are included, just click on the link above.

letters  5088

Finally, check out these beautiful lettery, glittery stocking holders from Livin the Simple Life.  Just in case you’re interested, and I think you might be now, I saw Martha Stewart’s tinsel glitter on clearance at Michael’s today. 


If it’s okay with all of you, we’re going to take a couple of weeks off from Trash to Treasure Tuesday for the holidays and resume on Tuesday, January 5th.  Save up your projects and we’ll make the first party of 2010 the BEST EVER!

Must. go. wrap. presents.

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22 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure Round-Up

  1. We will miss you , but you deserve the break! Glad to see that Archie is feeling well enough to do a little recreational reading:) Happy Holidays!

  2. I decided a few months back to dig through my great grandmother’s things to find her old, handwritten recipes. You know, the ones she used over and over and over. I want to frame them because I love all the meaning behind them, the love that went into making the meal on the card. But I wasn’t sure how to frame them. I love the idea you put up! Thank you!

  3. Hi there, just found your blog through the Blabbers at Lets talk Blogs. So glad I did, I broke my recipe holder at the weekend, just squeezed too many recipes into it and it finally cracked. Not sure that the fork idea would hold up to the volume I collect in my holder ( I know I should put them away) but I might just try that as a display for something else. I’ve enjoyed visiting despite the lack of homemade cookies lol! I will be back.

  4. It makes sense that Archie would read Highlights when he’s sick. I remember the only time I read Highlights as a kid was when I was in the doctor’s or dentists waiting room. Feel better soon Archie! Blitzkrieg sends you tail wags in support.

  5. I didn’t KNOW you had a boxer! HUGE HUGE (like weird obsessive-ish) boxer fan here! We have two and I’ve done boxer rescue work since I was 18 which was a really long time ago! LOVE and pouty kisses to ARCHIE…I hope he feels better soon! As if you weren’t one of my favorite sites before, now you are at the top! (I told you I’m like boxer obsessed!)

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