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Hi everyone!

Welcome to Trash to Treasure Tuesday here at REINVENTED. We’ve had a lot of fun over the past few months sharing our projects, so I wanted to say THANK YOU to all of the fabulous bloggers that share their creativity with us each week.

And, now for a project from me.

I entered Blissfully Domestic’s Fall Tour of Homes this year, and because I was one of the first 50 entries, I got an Glade Apple Cinnamon candle in the mail.

You’re right, the candle doesn’t have anything to do with Trash to Treasure, but the packaging sure does.

tt 003Check out that fabulous curly paper. THIS kind of packaging I just couldn’t throw in the recycling bin.

So I stuffed it in a plain glass ornament from Hobby Lobby, like this.

tt 004

I added a rub-on monogram and a ribbon and it looks like this.

tt 002

My apologies for the picture quality, it was almost impossible, as you can see to get a good shot, but I loooove the folded and crinkled paper inside the ornament. You could get the same look with leftover curling ribbon pieces.

OR those pieces of leftover wrapping paper that are too small to wrap another gift. Just cut into strips, fold them up accordion style and stuff them in.

You could also put leftover “snow” inside.

tt 001 Kosher salt and Epsom salts work great for fake snow.

If you have a kitchen tree, add interesting spices, like cloves, or bay leaves to an empty ornament.

Or basil or parsley.

Or colored sugar, M&M’s, or other cookie decorating items.

Oh my, the possibilities are really endless, the cost is only for the clear ornaments, if you use fillers you already have, and I have a feeling these craft ornaments are gonna get really cheap in the next couple of weeks.

Link up your projects! Please don’t forget our TWO SIMPLE RULES

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Have a great day!

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9 thoughts on “Use What You Have Ornaments

  1. Oh! I wish I hadn’t thrown away my paper like that my candle came in! As I was putting it in the garbage, I thought…I could probably do something cute with that!

    Great idea!

  2. I love what you did with the paper. I also got the glade candle too but I reused the box and paper for books I bought Nina. Wish I would have used it for something better than that, LOL!

  3. 17 years ago, I did something like that with plastic ornaments and colored tinsel to have a baby safe Christmas tree, When I was done with babies, I gave them to another family having little fingers. I still buy plastic ornaments though, My man sized offspring are kinda clumsy. I still like the idea. Thanks for sharing, Karyn

  4. I love your ornaments. I bought some clear ornaments at a yard sale not knowing what to do with them. I know now! Thank you for the idea. Thank you for hosting these link parties. I enjoy them so much. Merry Christmas! Pat.

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