An All Modern Winner And A Bit Of Randomness


Brace yourself, girls, this is a post full of RANDOMNESS.

“That’s so random, Mom”, as my teenager would say.

And she does.  A LOT.  Apparently I’m full of randomness.


  • FIRST, we have a winner in the All Modern Giveaway!
  • And the winner is…
  • Michele P.!  Congrats Michele, I’ll get your contact information to Jamie at all Modern, and he’ll get your beautiful iittala jars out to you!
  • cord-keeper-de(Just thought I’d share another shoe box idea to sustain you through the boringness—from Country Living)


  1. SECONDLY, I just realized that I MISSED my own blog’s birthday!  I posted my FIRST bit of randomness on January 7, 2009.  I’m sure you ALL read it.  We’ll have to celebrate one of these days.


  1. THIRDLY, there’s a fabulous NEW giveaway starting tomorrow, so come back and check it out! 
  • Here’s a hint:  It has to do with paper, which I LOVE, and a party at my house, which I LOVE even more.

sewing-kit-de (the ultimate upcycling idea—a sewing kit from an egg carton—from Country Living)

  1. FOURTHLY, (and then I’m done, I promise)  I want to give a shout-out to my fabulous sponsors.  Did you see the TapeSwell ad?  TapeSwell is offering 25% off a $20 order for REINVENTED readers!  Check out their stylish and sticky tape options. 
  2. Molly, from Bit ‘O Shine is still with us, with a beautiful new ad, and more beautiful jewelry!
  3. Jen, from Sanctuary Arts STILL has a fabulous blog, and an even MORE FABULOUS shop.
  4. Crafty Girls Workshop is a new sponsor, an Etsy shop full of beautiful fabric.  My new love!
  5. Just click on the ads to visit our friends.
  6. Thanks to the two of you that actually made it to the end of this post!!  Have a great day.

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12 thoughts on “An All Modern Winner And A Bit Of Randomness

  1. I love your blog, all your ideas…and oooo,how I love that idea of a sewing kit from an egg carton. I don’t know who thought of that, but it’s such a great idea. Off I go to hopefully find a workable egg carton.

  2. Happy (bloggy) birthday!! You have become so successful in the last year! WTG!

    But FYI, my egg cartons NEVER look that shabby chic. What can I make with blue/green styrofoam…

  3. Oh wow! Really? An egg carton? I’m totally impressed. TotallY! And I’m really enjoying poking around your site. You have such wonderful ideas. I’m book marking it to stop by often.


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