Heavy Metal Mistake

Some of my best ideas come to me late at night.
And, apparently, so do some of my worst.
I’ve been trying to decide how to accessorize this wall now that the holidays are over.
noel 005_thumb[14]

This is the space above our sofa.  Our family room is mostly neutral with accents of red and black. 
It’s also a room constantly changing, because I can’t leave well enough alone. 
So anyway, I wanted to reuse these 12×12 canvases, and give them a THIRD new look.   One that MIGHT withstand a few of my decorating rampages.
I have this roll of textured, paintable wallpaper that I paid $2 for last year at the Goodwill store. 
Last night, I had the idea to wrap the canvases in the wallpaper and paint and glaze it to look like old tin ceiling tiles.
It seemed like a good idea at the time. 
home 001It’s kinda hard to tell just how BAD this looks.  I hated the silver paint, and since I was working on NO budget, I couldn’t buy new paint, so I decided to start over.
I got out the leftover wall paint (“Flax” from Lowe’s)  and painted the wallpaper covered canvases. with the wall color.
Then I painted on some Ralph Lauren glaze in “smoke”, and wiped it off with a paper towel.
home 004 The one on the left is the wall color.  Me likey.  The one on the right is the silver paint.  Me NOT likey.
home 005

Here’s the finished project, with some more chipboard letters painted black. (I re-used the O and E from NOEL)
I really thought I wanted to add some “metals” in the room.  Apparently, I only want REAL metal in the room.
 home 006 Here it is with my FAVORITE pillow.  I need to add a little more to the wall, but I think this is a good start.
What do you think?

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38 thoughts on “Heavy Metal Mistake

  1. Love this idea…and there are so many 4-letter words you could use to switch it up a bit (I was thinking LOVE for v-tines day, or HOPE or CAKE…wait, that last one I just want to eat)!

  2. I feel you with the silver spray paint- hit or miss. I like your finished product though! I got a bundle of sticks at IKEA and I think that would look really cool hung over the letters horizontally. Just an idea.

  3. Howdy
    Oh wow I love this !
    Letters are so cool ,they are one of the best ways to upcycle ,
    The words are endless .
    I cannot believe you got the wall cover at goodwill for $2.00 .
    You are so lucky and I am very glad because you also have a wonderful talent to go with it .
    Thank you for the fresh new ideas .
    I was trying to think of something new and simple now that I have finally packed up Christmas :)
    Blessings of joy to you .
    Happy Trails

  4. Love the way your project turned out… and love the idea of using the blocks throughout the year, as well. The only thing I would suggest, especially if you plan to keep them above your sofa, is to paint a darker background coloron the wall to frame out the entire word… maybe even adding some molding to the box to really highlight your “word of the season”. I love the way your letters turned out!

  5. Oh how thrifty…love it! I like the warm beige much better too. Well Kimm, you’ve done it…you can’t get any thriftier than “no budget” love that!

  6. Loved the first reincarnation and love this even more. The paint color is perfect…..and you’ve got me wanting to sew a felted flower on some of my pillows now, too!

  7. I really like how those look! Totally Ballardish! I thought that painting wallpaper was sort of strange but it looks awesome! I could see adding some family photos in black and white in probably black frames around those canvases. I have three canvases that I bought in a set and I covered them with fabric and hung them on the wall at work. I got SO many complements on it! Maybe I’ll do a post about that. Thanks for the inspiration!


  8. That looks great! and I like the idea of using LOVE for V-day. have you thought about putting molding around the canvas so that it looks like a big picture frame? Thrifty Decorator Chick does that alot. I know you’re working on no budget right now, and not everyone has extra molding hanging out in the basement…. :)

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