How Do You Do Winter?

Look out world, I’m rested, recharged and READY for 2010.
And broke. And bloated. And bleary-eyed.
After all of the excess of the month of December, I’m always craving the simplicity of LESS in January. Less spending, less travelling, even less COOKIES.
All that said, I think that WINTER is a season to be celebrated. Winter is beautiful (just don’t ask me about this in March, when I’ll be singin’ a different tune).
I LOVE to add touches of winter to our home, but unfortunately I can’t bring that pretty, sparkly snow inside.
Thank goodness for the fake stuff.
Here are my ideas for adding the beauty of winter INSIDE.
blog 006 Don’t put away those snowman ornaments just yet. Add them to your apothecary jar. Just for the record, I did NOT cut the heads off of these poor guys, I got these cuties for FREE and their bodies were nowhere in sight. I used some fake snow from Hobby Lobby in the bottom. Love those red earmuffs.
Epsom Salt also works fabulously as fake snow. This bag was $3.49.
blog 001
Add some epsom salt to beautiful aqua ball jars. Drop in tea light candles. It looks like candles burning in the snow. So pretty. (this idea came from The Inspired Room)
blog 002
Place them next to the bathtub, under that old window that you blogged about, but still haven’t figured out how to accessorize. (Oh, sorry, maybe that’s just me)
blog 003 There’s nothing better than a hot bath when it’s cold outside.
blog 004 Remember this burlap covered canvas in the $25 powder room?
Three cute metal snowflake ornaments add a touch of winter beauty.
I changed my monogrammed front door from FESTIVE
blog 007
blog 008
Even the monogrammed mantle got a flake (sorry, I got a thing for “B”s.
blog 010
The other end of the mantle got a few more snowmen.
blog 011
Just a few ways to enjoy winter INSIDE. Where it’s WARM. And there’s hot chocolate.
Just NOT cookies.
How do YOU do winter?

This post is linked to The Inspired Room’s Friday Winter Home.  Great winter decorating tips!

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31 thoughts on “How Do You Do Winter?

  1. Love the ‘B’s and the lil’ snowmen :)
    I keep Christmas and wintery things around for a while… I actually enjoy them more after all the ‘excitement’ is over …

  2. What a great idea! ….after I’ve already “un-decorated”!!!!

    I may just have to “un-pack” all those little white men and give ’em a few more weeks in the limelight…..

    O.k., I’ve decided. After work tomorrow, I’m inviting all my snowmen over for some celebrating…


  3. It’s kind of hard to even imagine winter because at the moment it’s about 35C where I am…and theyre predicting over 100 F for the rest of the week.

    Snowmen arent big here either and I WANT some for when winter does actually arrive because yours look awfully cute.

    I want a snowy winter. It would make decorating so much more fun!

  4. Thanks for reminding me that I can leave some decor up…I always feel empty and cold when I pack up Christmas..yet I never even think to decorate for ‘winter’. Lovin the ‘Ball’ jars…gorgeous!

  5. For some reason I have always associated January with blue tones – (Maybe because I’m from Texas where we so rarely SEE snow that I think of it as blue?!?! haha) So I go from Christmas stuff to Blue and White toned snowflakes, white Welcome sign on front door with a blue bow, and keep the rest of it simple, clean, DECLUTTERED.

    PS – I love the Ball Jar Snow candleholders as well!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Love it! Great minds DO think alike! I have a 1/2 written post about winter decorating. It may or may not get finished but it’s been on my mind too.


  7. I haven’t quite gotten to other decorations yet but I do like the snowman out and about just like they would be if they were outside!
    The epsom salt jars are a great idea too!

  8. I love the idea of winter decorating! It helps to pack up Christmas decor.. which can be very depressing. I am still looking for a old window to go above my mantel. :) Love the jars with salt and tealights!

  9. i usually keep my snowmen out (& the towels, too) for january. but since i just took everything down yesterday (& this morning), it all went bye bye into the storage containers (except for the wind-up christmas tree & baby jesus who i stuck in the drawer because he’s a choking hazard (from the veggie tales nativity scene). now i gotta go stick them in the bins.

    i went ahead & started decorating for valentine’s day. i heart valentine’s day.

    hearts & love & more hearts –

  10. Super cute Kimm! I’m with you on needing less of everything after the Holidays! Once those Christmas decoratins come down, I am all about de-cluttering and simplifying everything!

  11. That beautiful window you have, I have a friend who buys them, sands them back and then repaints and does the “old” look on them, then puts in photos all beautifully matted, a backing board on the back, and voila- a beautiful window and photo frame.

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