Party With Purple Trail And A Giveaway

Ever since last August, when The Nester held a home decor SWAP MEET at her beautiful home, I’ve wanted to have a SWAP MEET at my cluttered and slightly dusty home.

So I am.

Want to come?

Oh, how I wish I could invite EVERY ONE of you, and you could ALL hop in a car, or on a plane, or in a rowboat, or on a train;  and come to my house.

I’ve never hosted a HOME DECOR SWAP before, so I’ll be following the Nester’s directions VERY closely.
Here’s the quick and dirty on how this works: 

  1. Friends gather for a party.
  2. Each guest brings 5-10 home decor items that they no longer want.
  3. Guests take turns choosing “new” items.
  4. Everyone leaves with some new things to freshen up their nest!

Oh!  and there’s SNACKS.

I’ve had a blast planning for this event, and my fun started with the invitations.  I got an e-mail from the fabulous girls at Purple Trail, inviting me to try their on-line and print invitation service. 
Purple Trail is like a ONE-STOP SHOPPING place for invites, announcements, holiday cards, and any other event you could dream up.
You can choose from thousands of templates, or create your own design from scratch. 
Here’s a picture of the invitation that I designed.  ALL BY MYSELF. 
My favorite feature is that you have SEVERAL options after you’ve created your invitation.  Purple Trail offers a print at home option, providing a PDF file of your design that you can download and print at home.

OR you can send the invitation/announcement/holiday card as an on-line version via e-mail.

OR you can order your design and Purple Trail will custom print it for you on recycled paper.  WOW.

I LOOOOVE options.

They even have a separate site full of Purple Trail Party Ideas to help you plan.

GUESS WHAT?  Purple Trail has generously offered a FREE one year membership to their site (a $15 value) to ONE LUCKY REINVENTED READER!

With this Basic Plan, members have the option to send up to 200 e-mail invites to each event.  Purple Trail also tracks your RSVP’s and provides an event specific web page for your planning pleasures.   Members can also design and download up to three Print At Home designs per year for FREE.

There are never any ads on your event web page OR in your e-mail invitations.  I like that.

How can you win a FREE ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP to Purple Trail?

  1. Just visit Purple Trail’s Party Ideas site, and leave a comment here about which party idea you like best.
  2. Sign up to Follow Purple Trail on Facebook or Twitter.  Leave me a comment for each “follow” if you do.

Good Luck!  And don’t worry, I’ll be keeping you posted on the HOME DECOR SWAP every step of the way, so that you can plan yours too!

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12 thoughts on “Party With Purple Trail And A Giveaway

  1. oh, i would love to come to the home decor swap!
    i was just watching “clean house” & thinking, i’ve got to get rid of that stuff or i’ll end up on that show! (way too much truth in that statement)

    can’t wait to hear more. i’m less than 5 miles from you, i think?

  2. Oh, you KNOW I wish I could come to this!!! So sorry I’m a little too far! ;(
    My favorite party idea had to do with Graduation parties….like the graffiti idea and the photo cupcake idea! How fun…and since my baby is graduating this year, I may need to go all out!!!

  3. Neat!!! :) I’ve been toying with the Home Decor idea myself. The only thing I’m worried about is the possibility of someone showing up with stuff that actually does belong in a landfill…and I tend to be pretty forgiving of stuff like that. :s I guess you just have to take the risk, right?

    I can’t wait to hear how yours goes!!!!

  4. Man, I would love so much to come. (That is kind of rude to beg for an invitation isnt it!) But I live in Kentucky, I know it would be totally worth it, a road trip wouldn’t be too bad!

  5. What a great idea. I think I might try to host one of these myself. I liked the description of the housewarming party on the Purple Trail site – I’d love a subscription…I think I might host more parties because of the pretty invites.

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