Pretty Stinkin Green Giveaway


Oh, how I wish I could tell you that those are MY words. PRETTY STINKIN GREEN.  Aahhh,  I loooove those words.


But I can’t tell you those are my words, because they belong to artists and designers, Hannah


red rose pillow3


And Deb.

profile pic  These fabulous ladies own the company I am featuring today, another one of our new sponsors, PRETTY STINKIN GREEN.

Do you see the scarves that Hannah and Deb are wearing?  And the pillow that Hannah is holding? 

Aren’t they the coolest things ever?

Here’s the kicker:  they were made out of upcycled wool sweaters and other fabrics. 


Be. still. my. heart. 


Wait a second, don’t drool yet, there’s more! 


Flower pins.


More pillows.


57199_product_2023168282_thumb_crop  Bags!


And beautiful scarves in every color you could imagine.  Some are wool for winter, some are lighter weight for all year round.

57199_product_624048086_thumb_crop57199_product_2048557972_thumb_crop I bought a red flower scarf in a lighter weight fabric, and it’s GORGEOUS! 

I like wearing green stuff, especially PRETTY STINKIN GREEN stuff. 

What about you?  Would you like to have something beautiful AND Pretty Stinkin Green?  (Sorry, I can’t stop saying it.)

Hannah and Deb are generously giving away a $30 gift certificate to their shop, PRETTY STINKIN GREEN (he he).

Here’s how to enter:

  • Visit Pretty Stinkin Green, then come back here and leave a comment with your favorite find.
  • Tweet about this giveaway so that all of your followers can check out this awesome new company.  Leave me another comment for a 2nd entry.
  • Heck, I don’t care, publicize this however you want, then come and tell me that you did.  Hannah and Deb are sweet Midwestern girls, like me, (ahem) and I want them to be millionaires. 


  • Go ahead, get to it!

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    99 thoughts on “Pretty Stinkin Green Giveaway

    1. L-O-V-E that pillow with the clock face on it and the bag! Wonderful. What a chic mama I would be toting around my kiddies diapers and such in it. :o)

    2. Can I just say it? Pretty Stinkin Green is Pretty Stinkin FABULOUS!! Their stuff is so ‘me’. It would be hard to pick just one thing, but they have a rose pillow in off-white that is just screaming to go in my bedroom. What a great give away!


      P.S. Last night I was reading my latest BHG magazine and a reader quote caught my eye. I thought, “Hmmm…that name sounds very familiar. Oh, yeah, I read her blog!” Very interesting. That was you, right?

    3. Everything is so pretty and I love all the colors. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I think it would have to be the Caramel Rose Pillow. I love the color and design, plus it would fit perfect in my new chair. Great giveaway! Thanks!

    4. Pretty Stinkin’ Fab! It was too hard to narrow my picks to just 1 – so I picked 2! I piked the green and purple bow (like the one on the model’s head) and the gorg patchwork pillow!

      I hope I win – if not – I’ll go pay her a visit and to make me something!

      Great Giveaway Y’all!

    5. i’m sure i can’t win 2 giveaways in a row…but maybe i can!? so i figured i should submit anyway!

      i love the postcard pillow!

      you’re awesome-

    6. I love all the flower pins they have. I would just love to dress up one of my many boring hats with one those these. I can’t choose which is my favorite, they are all so stinking cute!!

    7. lovin’ the very cool green stuff!

      my favorite on the website is the pretty stinkin’ messenger bag in the vintage wildflower, so cute!!!! :)

    8. I love their products. Am particularly drawn to ANY of the pillows & the pouches. How fun to get to play along. I’ve forwarded the e-mail to my mother & a fellow crafter friend. Don’t have a blog. How do you have time????

    9. PST – love the idea of recycling a fav sweater into something cozy – cause I have special memories from different items from my closet! Love the rose pillows and the scarves, too…plus your website is WTC!! (way too cute!)

    10. Hannah found me on another forum. I’m trying too to get the word out about sustainable living with my shop. I love all of what Hannah and Deb make. I too am a maker of repurposed items. I’m really eyeing her pins though to put on to my gift bags or quilts.

    11. Oooh! I love the scarves…all of them! but if I had to chose a favorite, it would be the chocolate mint one. Love how they recycled castoffs and turned them into such cool accessories!

    12. Gosh, everything is beautiful! I would have to say that the red rose pillow has captured my heart though :) Thanks for entering me in this generous giveaway.

      Have a wonderful evening!

    13. I love everything the chocolate scarf, he red rose pillow the green pillow, the cream scarf, the messanger bag, but my favorite is the oatmeal scarf!! Great giveaway and a win win for the enviorment.

    14. I love the “Need Some Stinkin Space?” bag! I think that is such an awesome bag!!!

      Thanks for the giveaway!


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