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Don’t panic, friends, I’m not about to start paying you to leave comments on this blog. 

I’m writing this post because I want to help.  Ever since I heard the news of the earthquake in Haiti, I’ve prayed and worried and agonized over the fate of so many precious people.


I’ve wished I had a MILLION dollars to donate.  Or the means to drop everything and go there to help. 


I don’t have either of those.  Most of us don’t.  But if God didn’t bless us with money, he did bless all of us with VOICES. 


With our voices we can help.   Recently, my fabulous new sponsors, the Crafty Girls Workshop, brought to my attention that another blogger, Lori, from Babes in Hairland, has started an effort to donate money to a family that needs our help. 



1-1 This is Lori and Brent, and their two beautiful children, Nathan and Jessica.  Lori and Brent have been trying to adopt Nathan and Jessica from Haiti for TWO YEARS. 

In the days since the earthquake, they have confirmed that Nathan is safe, but they are unsure of Jessica’s whereabouts, and are concerned that her birth father may have taken her from the orphanage.  Brent is in Haiti now trying to find her.

This family needs our help, and Lori has generously offered to donate 10 CENTS for every comment on this post.


Crafty Girls Workshop is even offering a giveaway to help.  Go here for details.

Please take a moment to comment on Lori’s blog, and return every day to add another. 

Thank you.

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14 thoughts on “Something We Can Do To Help

  1. “Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you”

    with God ALL things are POSSIBLE

    praying that you’ll find jessica!

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