Timeless Treasures Giveaway

Good morning my, “reinventor” friends.


Today I am THRILLED to introduce you to one of my new sponsors here at REINVENTED, Amber from Timeless Treasures.

One of my goals when I started accepting ads for this blog was to support other women with small businesses by offering VERY affordable advertising.  Amber is EXACTLY the kind of artist I was hoping to find.


Amber is a sweet woman with BIG talent and BIG ideas. 

She makes UNIQUE and INSANELY CREATIVE jewelry, and shares her talents with others through her blog and Etsy shop, Timeless Treasures.

I am so excited to share her work with you.  Let’s get to it, shall we?



Is this not the PERFECT new mom or Mother’s Day gift?  This pendant records the birth stats of mom’s new bundle of joy.  (joy, and sleepless nights, and poop…oh sorry, I got off track)


Birds are HOT right now (except for the ones pooping on my front porch, oh, there I go with the poop again…), and these earrings are beautiful and original.



Family charm bracelet, anyone?  


I love wine.  In moderation, of course.  I think wine charms are one of the BEST ideas EVER, and these are simply sweet.  Another fabulous gift for a wine loving friend!



  Now.  I know that you have keys.  Is this not the cutest thing to lose them on?  If I had one of these, my keys would be so precious I’d never lose them again.  Seriously.  I think.



Amber is not only talented, she has a BIG, COMPASSIONATE heart.  She is offering this HOPE necklace as a fundraiser for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.  40% of the cost will be donated to relief efforts.  Awesome, isn’t it?


Last, but certainly not least, I just HAD to help you with your Valentine’s Day shopping.  What a perfectly bejeweled way to show your love.  Or for him to show his love, hmmm.

If you need me to send an “anonymous” e-mail to your sweetie, just let me know.


Us girls gotta stick together. 

If those pictures weren’t awesome enough, NOW for the REALLY great part!  Amber is generously giving away a $20 gift certificate to her Etsy shop

How to win?   Just leave a comment on this post, telling me your favorite item.  If you can.

Let’s help Amber REALLY get her business going by tweeting, facebooking or blogging about this giveaway.  Just let me know each time you do so that you can get another entry!

Remember, us girls gotta stick together. 

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75 thoughts on “Timeless Treasures Giveaway

  1. I don’t want to win, I just wanted to share that I went to high school with Amber from Timeless Treasures, and she’s everything you said & more! She’s talented and sweet – I highly recommend using her for your personalized jewelry needs. Ladies, if you don’t win, pick something up for yourselves or a loved one!

  2. PICK ME! I love the twinkle cocktail ring, birdie earrings and I really wish I could get my bff the new momma necklace but she just won’t have that babe yet!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I love the key chain! what a great idea! And how wonderful to see someone being promoted in such a nice way! You are so right, us girls do need to stick together!

  4. Ahhh…the LIVE teardrop pendant is my FAVE!! I have “live” tattoed in white on the inside of my left wrist so it really strikes a chord with me. What a great giveaway!

  5. I love the idea of supporting each other. That is my favorite thing about this blogging world!!!

    What a very talented designer! I think everything she does is just amazing! I love the birdie earrings!

    How fun!


  6. Please do enter me into this drawing. I really love the “Hope” necklace, and will add it to the right side bar of my blog, under “giveaways”. Thanks, and best of luck to Amber! ~tina

  7. OH, her work is beautiful!
    I really love the necklace with the birth stats. Those are numbers that are so important to moms… and the way we are all introduced to the world.
    Boy or Girl?
    Always how it goes when you learn the news of a newborn!


  8. I can’t….pick just one! Can I pick 3? I’m drawn to the marble eye necklace. Birds are a favorite w/me right now so I love the birdie earrings and then the family charm bracelet is #3. Thank you for offering the giveaway. Beautiful choices.

  9. All of her things are just beautiful! My favorite would be the heart in the last photo as well as the key holder. Such a nice gesture for her to do this…thanks for the opportunity.

  10. I love the suspended marble necklace and the “charm” necklace, which I would likely wear as a braclet. The bottle cap earrings are fun and funky. Then there’s the…. Oh, heck, they’re all great works of art.

  11. The Family Charm Bracelet has got to be the best way to keep your love ones close to your heart. This braclet would make me think of my kiddos everytime I see it :)

  12. I like the Hope necklace. I have a new one due in 7 weeks and I’m a bit nervous. The cord is around his neck which increases the risk of complications by 25 percent. However, I could have a very smooth delievery too. It’s in God’s hands now. But this necklace is a great reminder!!

  13. CUTE!! My favorite would be, since i have to choose…the family charm bracelet!

    Thanks for an opportunity to WIN!

    Melissa from Naches

  14. g’morning! I thought the birth announcement charm was an absolutely brilliant idea – do you think it will replace a Mother’s ring? Great site, btw

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