Trash to Treasure Tuesday—Pillow Talk

I sewed something.
Seriously. I didn’t even have to use my new seam ripper.
It all started at the Goodwill store. All good stories do, don’t they? I found this pretty red wool sweater.
pillow 004It is a medium and I’m NOT a medium, so I thought PILLOW.
Yep, P.I.L.L.O.W.
You see, I have been dreaming lately about felted wool, and since I’m a graduate of “You Can Never Have Too Many Pillows University”, I wanted to felt wool AND make pillows.
So I washed the sweater and threw it in the dryer. “Cuz I recently learned that that’s how you felt wool. It made me feel all nervous inside, ‘cuz I usually follow those “dry clean only” instructions.
I already had this pillow filler thingy.
pillow 001
Next, I went to JoAnn’s and bought some fake linen fabric. I found it in the “red tag section.” You know, that fabric not cool enough to be in the front of the store.
pillow 002I got out my new sewing machine, and looked up a pillow cover tutorial that I’d seen on All Things Thrifty.
I sewed my FIRST hem. (if you shake your head real fast while you’re looking it won’t look crooked)
pillow 005 The tutorial is for an envelope style pillow cover (perfect for those of us who aren’t ready for zippers), so the finished cover looked like this from the back.
pillow 006I found some clip art flower shapes, enlarged them and cut them out to use for patterns.
pillow 007 I pinned the paper flower patterns on the sweater and cut out the felted wool daisies. Embroidery floss and a button secured them to the pillow cover quite nicely.
pillow 009I am so stinkin’ PROUD of myself, I can’t stand it.
pillow 008THIS. WAS. FUN. I can’t wait to sew more.
pillow 010 I might make another tomorrow.
I’m so excited for our FIRST TRASH TO TREASURE TUESDAY PARTY of 2010!
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46 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure Tuesday—Pillow Talk

  1. Yes, I like very much!!! There are truly so many projects to be made from the Goodwill cheap clothing. It’s cheaper than purchasing new fabric — particularly if you’re looking at a sweater-type of fabric. Nicely done. I’m afraid I don’t have anything today to put on the linky. I’ve plenty of trash, but I have not yet turned it into a treasure. Next week I promise :)

  2. I love the pillow! You make it sound easy. I have loads of fabric…think I’ll give it a try.

    I’m so sorry but the 1st link I posted didn’t link to the right post…my fault of course. So I had to link again. Pls. delete the 1st one…#21.
    And again, I’m sorry.
    All Things Heart and Home

  3. Ooh, like! It is very Anthropologie. I am wanting to make a very similar placemat for my kids’ table, but I am not brave enough to sew it! :D

  4. Thanks so much for linking up! I really like your blog and your style – you’re funny!!! :) Becoming a follower. Have a great week! The pillow came out so pretty too. :)

    p.s. adding you to my blogroll too!

  5. You did a really great job! I’m an amateur sew-er & this was very inspirational! I’m going to make some pillow covers for my guest room & I though envelope style would be the simplest to start with too! Thanks for giving me a PUSH!


  6. Adorable! I had no idea we were fellow alums! What school did my hubby go to? The I don’t understand pillows school? I am constantly picking up my pillows off the floor, stashed behind the couch, etc… Is there a remedial course for him?

  7. I am so proud of you, Kimm! I haven’t even done a pillow, and I’ve had my machine for over a year. ;) That envelope back looks fab, but I don’t know if I could do it.

    So, I was so proud of myself for taking a huge load of stuff to the Salvation Army, but now I’m killing myself for taking some sweaters that I could have used for a project like this!!! :s

  8. Hi Kimm,
    Very cute! You did a great job. You could put those flowers on sweaters, too! I have one that looks just like it from gap…I’ve been thinking how I should be making stuff like this myself instead of buying it – thanks for showing us all the way!
    I’ve got last year’s projects on “recap” for this weeks “trash to treasure”. Hope you can stop by!
    Heidi – Heart and Home

  9. This pillow ROCKS! Great job. You did save the rest of the sweater didn’t you…cuz this would be a fabulous gift. I will be looking at sweaters a whole lot differently now. Thanks for a great post! Deborah

  10. Pretty, pretty, pretty!! You did a great job with that pillow–now I’m feeling inspired to make one! I’m not great at sewing, but online tutorials are SO helpful; I made a little zippered pouch last night! :)

    Thanks for coming by The Sweetest Petunia!

  11. That pillow is gorgeous. I have a sewing machine staring at me right now. I just have to work up the courage to use it! This totally gives me hope!

  12. Sewing can be so rewarding! Congrats on your first steps. And take heart, I know how to sew (or should know by now)and I usually still make envelope pillow covers, who wants to bother with zippers.
    Happy sewing!

  13. Yeah! I’m so proud of you! Good job on the sewing. I went to a thrift store today and found some fabric for $.50 and then saw a sweater that I thought would look cute with it and whipped up a purse. I’m just headed down to finish it up now. If I get it done, I will post it. Of course, I forgot to take pictures of the sweater before, but you will get the idea!

  14. Your pillow is fabulous! My favorite part?? That if we shake our head back and forth really fast the seam won’t look crooked, HILARIOUS!!! :)
    God’s blessings,
    Sarah :D

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