Trash to Treasure Tuesday—The Home Office Edition

Isn’t it amazing how clearing clutter actually CLEARS your mind too?  I find it nearly impossible to work in a mess. 
Especially when I MADE the mess. 
Guilt trumps creativity EVERY TIME.
I spent most of Sunday working on my home office.  I have a little trouble “resting” on the Sabbath, so after Mass, I’ve usually got a project going.
Remember this mess from last week?
org 002Ugh. 
Now it looks like this.

ho 002
Not bad, for ZERO DOLLARS, huh? 
ho 003 Since the doors are NEVER closed, (just like the pantry and all of the closets around here), I decided to make the inside pretty AND organized.  I used leftover paint from the TWENTY FIVE DOLLAR powder room to paint the interior.  I used the covered shoe boxes and baskets for storage.
ho 005My textured paintable wallpaper shows up again lining the back wall. 
ho 004Pens are kept in an empty food jar with a chalkboard paint label and a scrapbook paper liner.
I plan to paint the exterior black to match the book cases that flank this armoire, but that’s a project for another Sunday.

Looking for more inspiration?  Or just better pictures than mine? 

Here’s another home office in an armoire that you might find inspiring.  Looks like this family never closes the doors either.  I do love the pin-up boards inside the doors, and plan to add more cork to mine as soon as my self imposed January spending freeze has been lifted.
Needless to say, I’m loving this clean and uncluttered look.  Now if I can just get the fam to keep it that way.
Let’s see those Trash to Treasure projects everyone, LINK UP!
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Thanks, have a GREAT Tuesday!


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28 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure Tuesday—The Home Office Edition

  1. Good job, Kimm! It feels so good to get everything organized. At least that’s what I’ve been told…:) I’m working on it – I’ve got a couple of “problem areas” that will take some time to get the way I want them, so I guess I should start on them sometime, right? I admire you for actually following through with your plan to organize! Your desk looks great.
    Thanks for hosting again this week, it’s always a fun party.
    Heidi – Heart and Home

  2. It looks great! The interior is so bright now. I love decluttering, especially an area with a lot of papers. There’s something freeing about getting them put away or trashing them. Thanks for hosting again.

  3. Thanks for the motivation! My office space is TERRIBLE! Can not seem to figure out what to do.

    Also, I posted twice somehow. Sorry!!

    Thanks for hosting a great party. Can’t wait to see what other people have to show!

  4. I’m the type of person that once it’s in the brain – I have to do it immediately or it drives me nuts! I’m an organizing weirdo – I get kicks & organize in high gear like I’m nesting! I just made my armoire a sewing cabinet – I’m so glad I did it! You’ll love the new organized space to work in!!

  5. Looking good girl…I soooo need to do this…it’s on my list…maybe next week I can show off mine:) I love how you didn’t spend any money on this…that always puts a smile on most of our hubbies! Look…you have a new follower…it’s ME!!!


  6. Oh my goodness! When I clicked on here and saw that computer armoire’ I almost fainted. Because we had the EXACT same one with the little fold down desk on the side and everything. AND it looked just like your before picture until we sold it! LOL! Great job on yours!

  7. Hey Kimm! I would love to do a guest post. Maybe we could do a blog swap too. I don’t know how, but it sounds fun. Let me know what you think. Have a great day!

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