Trash to Treasure—Journey To An Organized Life

Have you been bitten by the organizing bug?  I think that most of us start each new year with a desire to simplify after all of the excess and chaos of the holidays. 
I tried to avoid “organizing fever”, you know, it just seems like a LOT of work. 
It LOOKS like a lot of work too.
org 002Scary, huh?  This is our family computer space.  And the bane of my existence.  The thorn in my side. 
It’s even worse than the dining room table, huh?
These are the bookcases that flank the armoire.
org 003  Yes, the decorating fanatic, has artwork and pictures SITTING ON THE FLOOR.  
org 004
And that’s the least of my worries.
So.  My goal for the next few weeks is to get these spaces organized and PRETTY. 
Yeah, organized can be pretty.  If you don’t believe me, check out the Centsational Girl’s efforts.  Everything Kate DOES is pretty.
My other dilemma?   You knew I had one.
I’m trying to spend NOTHING on home decor this month.  (we’re not counting the fabric I bought to sew my first pillow, k?)
I have hereby embarked on a quest for pretty and FREE storage. 
org 006 Do you wear shoes?  I avoid them most of the year, but sometimes they’re necessary, so I have shoe boxes.
org 005Shoe boxes covered in fabric make for pretty storage.  Mine is surely not a unique idea, but sometimes we need to think INSIDE the box, and follow the lead of others in our own way.  I made a label with chalkboard contact paper and tied it on with jute twine.  The fabric is attached with spray adhesive, and it’s far from perfect, but it works.
org 007The second shoe box is covered in craft paper secured with tape.  Another chalkboard label marks the contents.  
I decided to go neutral, but we’ve all seen these boxes wrapped in wrapping paper, wallpaper (hmmm…) or scrapbook paper. 
The moral of this story? 
Use what you have to organize what you have.
Link up those projects, you creative people!


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21 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure—Journey To An Organized Life

  1. Oh I soooo need to be organizing but have been sick since the week after Christmas. I love using shoe boxes and covering them makes you feel it’s pretty and organized!
    Have a beautiful Day!
    All Things Heart and Home

  2. I went on a cleaning rampage at 6:30a today! It seems I have “rat’s nests” (as my mother used to call them) everywhere! Maybe I should post some “before” pics so I can be more accountable. I’m feeling overwhelmed.

  3. Great idea! My desk looks just like yours! And we’re having an open house this weekend. I’d better get busy! Glad you played along this week with Toot Your Horn Tuesday!!

  4. Haha, I just rescued three shoe boxes from the recycling bin because I used up my gift card buying other storage boxes and I didn’t want to spend any more money on it.
    I used newspaper to cover a shoebox once and then I stamped a pattern over it. Neutral, free, recycling…you know…cheap. :) I like the fabric idea!

  5. I love going through my home and seeing what boxes, baskets or other things I can use for organizing. I love how you covered them and the labels. Happy Organizing!

  6. Ditto the kraft paper boxes!!! Kraft paper is super cheap—like $2.50 for a HUGE roll at WM. I covered a bunch of boxes like yours in it (with tape) back in the Spring and loved the result. Nice and matching!

    I’m not going to link up this week since I’m hosting the Decorating Dilemmas Party tonight/tomorrow. I want to be sure I can visit more links here, so I’ll link up next time. :)

    Hope you can stop by the party tonight or tomorrow…dilemmas AND solutions are welcome. ;)

  7. This is a good tip, Kimm. Thanks! Just today I was at the store looking at plastic boxes for organizing under my kitchen sink. I didn’t really know what size would be best, and I finally decided that I should just look to see what I already have at home first.

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