Are You Afraid of Bold Color?



Do you long for a vibrant and colorfully hued home?  Are you reluctant to commit to color for fear of the “circus effect”?


Or is it just me?


I looove color, but with the exception of my dining room, ALL of the walls in my home are neutral.


I want to date color, I just don’t want to MARRY it.


There are countless ways to add small doses of color to your rooms without overwhelming your decor, or requiring your family to wear sunglasses in the house.


Check out this colorful dining nook.  The background is totally neutral, with curtains, pillows and flowers adding big impact.  Now, I’m not sayin’ that you can’t paint your walls purple, if that’s what you love, but if you’ve got a commitment problem, just stick with the accessories.


ss_100909952 The lime green bed in this room packs considerable PUNCH, especially against the white walls.  Remember, if you buy your furniture at flea markets and thrift stores, repainting is an easy option only limited by the selection in the spray paint aisle.


I think that this room represents the perfect use of pattern.  There are three prints, all in the same color palette, and in the same intensity.  They work together perfectly and are easy on the eyes, despite the orange and green color scheme.  Again, with a neutral background, this dining area would be cheap and easy to change.


I looove this look, because although neutral in palette, there is PLENTY of interest, pattern and contrast.  Those curtains are FABULOUS, and I love the black table and sideboard mixed with the lighter pieces. 


Now I’m confused.  Do I want neutral with punches of vibrant color?  Or neutral with contrast in texture and pattern?

I pick all of the above.  I think.

To read more ideas for adding color to your home, read this article from, my source for these pictures.

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14 thoughts on “Are You Afraid of Bold Color?

  1. Hi Kimm,
    I love color and I’m not afraid to use it… in my home, in my wardrobe, in the meal I prepare. Happy to see you embrace it, as well.

    Susan at Charm of the Carolines

  2. I do love color but I live with an engineering husband who shies away from bold color on the walls, so I’m with you in your statement “I love bold color, but I don’t want to marry it”….so, so funny, but true! I love the pics you chose, and some good inspiration! Thanks!


  3. Wow Kimm – I guess it’s been a while since I visited because your new look has blown me away. I must re-follow because I haven’t been getting your posts on my dashboard. Glad to see you again!

  4. So true! I love bold color. But I also have a short attention span and am always repainting my walls because I am ready for something new. So much easier to make some new pillows covers rather than paint!

    I love that lime green bed. Awesome!


  5. Thats exactly where I am right now. My whole entire house is neutral. I am trying to find the right mix and have been really hesitant to commit. Thanks for the lovely examples!

  6. WOnderful Post! I’m definitely not afraid of color. After I got divorced EVERY SINGLE pale wall was painted with Red, Gold, Green and Purple. Typing it out, it sounds pretty gross, but I loved it. However, after 4 years of living with it, I’m ready to go more neutral. Your post reminded me I could have the beautiful colors, but in small doses! THANKS!!!!

  7. I never know what I want, however I know I don’t really like to paint, so I don’t think I want to experiment a lot with wall color. I had the same living room color for years! Now that I went with the darker color (brown) which is mostly neutral, but still darker that I would normally do!
    good luck!

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