Emergency Window Dressing

Good Monday morning all. 
What a busy weekend.  My Home Decor Swap was a big success (more on that later). 
I even got a  project done. 

A project born out of my insecurity, and the panic that ensues whenever my friends and acquaintances that I hope will become friends are coming over to my house.  Anyone know why this happens?  Care to psychoanalyze me?  (don’t answer that)

I worry about what they’ll think.  Will they walk in and wonder why the girl with the home decor blog doesn’t have window treatments in her family room?

Probably not, but I made some anyway.  While my family cleaned the house.

curtains 002 I shopped at my favorite fabric stores, JoAnn’s and Home Depot.  I bought a 9×12 canvas drop cloth and 2 yards of this Waverly damask pattern.  It was 50% off, thank goodness.  I would have liked a wider border, but my budget thought that 12 inches was JUST RIGHT. 

I cut the drop cloth in half, then realized it would have been easier to buy two of the 6×9 size.  I’m smart like that.

I got LOTS of practice sewing straight seams, then decided that crooked seams are more decorative.

You with me here?
curtains 003Here’s a close-up of the border.  I might add some trim, haven’t decided yet.
curtains 004No rod pocket here.  I just clipped the top of the drop cloth.  This technique is especially helpful if you hang the curtains and realize that they’re JUST A LITTLE too long.  You can  fold over the top to adjust.  So I’ve heard.  

So…did I feel more confident with curtains on my windows when my friends arrived? 

Not really, ‘cuz I only got one panel done in time.  They loved me anyway.  When will I learn?

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49 thoughts on “Emergency Window Dressing

  1. Beautiful curtains. Great job! That material you got from Joanne’s I made a purse with it but I got mine from Wal-mart for $3.98 a yard. I tried to get some more but it was all gone. I am thinking about doing the same thing in my dining room. I LOVE painters drop cloth. I have done so much with mine it is crazy. Great project. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You always make me laugh! Wish I could of come to your home swap party! That is a lovely idea thought that I may choose to do some point in time! GREAT curtain panel! ;o) But seriously, I really like it!

  3. Mr. Man finds my ‘pre-guest’ anxiety to be totally bizarre. It’s a balance: if your bathroom is clean and has guest towels, who cares what your window treatments look like?

    Thanks for stopping by Holyoke Home!

  4. Wonder why we worry so about all the things that don’t really matter. I’m sure your friends loved your home and you. Your drapes look just fabulous. I love to use borders on drapes. I’ve done that at the top of my LR and BDRM drapes. Your drop cloths are a super idea. Hugs, Marty

  5. I really, really love how they turned out! I think I’m so going to steal that idea when we move in 6 months and have all new windows to dress up! Seriously love the damask too. And that would be so like me to cut the big one in half and only get one done in time! Thanks for being honest and making me feel more like a normal person! :)

  6. These look really great! I like drop cloths, but plain drop cloths isn’t quite “me.” But these are just the right combination of casual and classic. Good for you!

  7. LOVE IT!!! I did the exact same thing this weekend. Had people coming over… didn’t have curtains on the the rec room windows… stayed up WAY too late making some while hubby cleaned the house! You’re not weird. Cause if you are then I am. :)

  8. They’re beautiful!! And I know exactly how you feel. Matter of fact, I rarely have anyone over, because it is too stressful for me. I am too insecure. I always wonder what they’re thinking. It’s awful.

  9. Love it! I slipcovered a chair with a drop cloth several years ago- so inexpensive :) Also thanks for the tip about folding down the excess fabric if the curtains turn out too long- duh, why didn’t I think of that? These curtains are too long, however it’s the bottom fabric that is too long and not the top. ( http://sewing-chick.blogspot.com/2009/07/dress-reconstructed.html ) I’m not sure if I’ll like it if I flip it over, but I’ll give it a try!

  10. Love em!!! Popped over from SITS and totally discovered the window treatments (mistreatments?) that will soon be residing in my dining room. Thanks!

  11. I can’t believe I forgot to comment on your new curtains! Wahy to go! I LOVE them (I can say “them” because I just read your new post and saw that you finished this one’s mate)! There are plenty of decorative wavy seams at my house too- noone ever notices. By the way- I love the trim fabric. I can’t quite tell on my monitor- is it black or dark brown? Do you happen to know if it comes in dark brown? I could really use a little shot of that fabric in brown in my bedroom to give it a little more dimension- maybe a long bolster pillow across the bed? Anyway, hope you’re having a fabulous time at blissdom! Wish I could be there!

  12. I have oftened wondered, are there really people out there who don’t make curtains, pillows, napkins, paint the scuffed up trim, hang pictures, etc. before people come over? I’m just wondering… I have been wanting to make new drop cloth curtains for awhile now so thanks for the tip on buying 2 6×9 pieces! Yours turned out fabulous! ~ Theresa

  13. I have seen TONS of tutorials and references to using drop cloths for curtains and I reeeeally want to do this! Does anybody know how drop cloths take fabric dye? I’m thinking about possibly dying a dark chocolate brown and/or a light turquoise.


  14. So, I’ve got to know… what did your budget for this project come out to be? I’m thinking the drop cloth technique is my only chance at getting curtains on my windows/sliding door b/c there are 3 in a row (window, double door, window, all floor to ceiling) which means making 6 of the darn things. they look AMAZING!

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