Meet Me Here


For reasons I’ve yet to figure out, several readers have contacted me, wondering why I no longer have a picture of me on my blog. 


People, you don’t know how GOOD you had it.


One of the humans gently cajoling/nagging me to add a photo was my friend JJ, of Jen Johnson Photography.  When I found out that I’d get to meet her in person at Blissdom, I asked her to take pictures of me for this here blog.  JJ is insanely talented, fun, and drop-dead gorgeous. 


biopic1_1251417249The most important qualities to look for in a photographer, don’t you think?  (I hope you don’t mind that I stole your pic JJ!)


By the way, if you live in Southern California, I hate you.  Oh, no, I mean, you should call JJ for ALL of your photography needs, um-kay?


Check out her blog, too,  The Blah Blah Blahger.


Okay, so, against my better judgement, here I am, nice to meet you.



That girl is a miracle worker, I tell ya.


Enough of the pictures, you don’t want to look at me, you want to know who won the Fall Down Tree art giveaway, don’t you? 

Congrats to Cathy of What Brings You Joy?  She won! 

If you’re Cathy, look for an e-mail from Adam and Jill!

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32 thoughts on “Meet Me Here

  1. Kimm, you flippin crack me up! You’re a hottie, yourself and I can’t believe how funny it was that I didn’t know you were standing behind me through the whole concert!!! Thanks for the plug and for putting your trust in me. I love ya to pieces!!!

  2. oh wow…I sounded totally lame, because apparently I put what several other people put!! (which I didn’t realize till after I posted).


    feeling sheepish.

    But seriously, so fun to see you!

  3. What a wonderful pic – and LOVE the jacket – feel free to pass it along when you tire of it – or just tell me where you got it! I don’t have a picture on my blog – except the ones of by beautiful grand-daughter!! Could we just say that she favors me and let that do?? I really enjoy your blog – keep it coming!

  4. You look beautiful and it’s nice to see the face behind the blog!

    I blogged for several months without putting a picture of me up. After several requests I finally posted a picture. What was funny were the comments and emails I got after that. Several people said I was younger than they thought. They pictured me as a “little old lady with gray hair!”

  5. If you could only see what I look like today…ugh! The life of a sah mom that loves to hang with kiddos and sew. We don’t always look great but we’re happy! Your pic is beautiful and thanks for your awesome blog!

  6. I have been out of town, but just wanted to say THANKS I cannot wait to hang the new art coming my way from Fall Down Tree. It was so hard to choose, but bird band and hung out to dry have a spot waiting for them! Great pics!

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