Pretty Stinkin Winner


Good Morning from Nashville and Blissdom!!


I am here.



I’m so excited to be here, just hope I don’t make a fool out of myself.


‘Cuz you all know that I CAN. 


As long as I don’t try to SEW anything, I  think I’ll be okay.




Why, Rebecca, entry #63, that’s who!! 


If you’re Rebecca, please accept our PRETTY STINKIN CONGRATULATIONS  and watch for an e-mail from moi!

I’ll be back later, must go gain some knowledge.

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11 thoughts on “Pretty Stinkin Winner

  1. So glad to know you are there…..You will just have a fabulous time…whenever I go to those for MK I come home feeling so like I can conquer anything that comes in my why…we call that our “Pink Bubble” you will have the same but a different discription!! Have a Ball daughter!!!

  2. And it looks as if you are either staying or you visied Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Beautiful place, check out the conservatory…great place for taking pics. Enjoy yourself, I will wave tomorrow morning around 7 when I fly by on my way to work.

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