Random Bliss

Hey everyone, I am having a great time in Nashville, but I promise not to go “on and on” about that. 

Well…maybe later, when I’ve got pictures to share.

Wanted to let you know that the Crafty Girls Workshop girls are auctioning off a BEAUTIFUL baby quilt to raise money for relief efforts in Haiti.  Check this out:
BundleBaby1Isn’t it gorgeous?   Go here for more details.

Maybe someday I could make a quilt like that.  Like, when I’m a grandma.
Since I’m finally learning how to sew, I actually have FABRIC SCRAPS.  I always wanted to have fabric scraps, but you have to know how to use FABRIC to have scraps.  You know what I mean?

You can make cool stuff with fabric scraps.
Like beautiful book covers.  (from Country Living)
vintage-books-deAnd Valentines.  (from Country Living)

You go ahead and make some stuff, I’ll be back later!
Have a great Friday.

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6 thoughts on “Random Bliss

  1. I have bundles of material scraps that my grandma gave me. They were actually from her dresses from decades ago. Thanks for these ideas. I’ve been looking for something really cute to make with the scraps. Those book covers just may be it!

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