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I seriously did not intend for you all to have to stare at a picture of me for this many days.   Sometimes I leave a post up for a couple of days (like a giveaway, or Trash to Treasure Tuesday) so that readers can find it easily, but I promise you that was not my intent with my face. 

I just got kinda busy, you know?

Anyway, I’m excited to get back to blog work, and share some of my favorites from last week’s party.

First up, Pam, at Bibbidi Bobbidi Beautiful, saw these at Pottery Barn:

So inspired, she made THESE for her sewing room:
IMG_0764How does she DO that?  Find out here.

Meg, from A Little Knick Knack, made these cozy wintery pillows from old sweaters.

Here’s another PB knock-off, crafted quite geniusly (yes, I “reinvent” words too) by Becky at Beyond the Picket Fence.


Raquel, who lives A Glamorous Life, madeover a $40 Craig’s List hutch.

101_7087It’s RED.  Be still my heart.

The winner of the Flea Market Style giveaway is…

the … is for maximum effect…

“Mississippi Artist” from PAINTORDIG

Congrats Mississippi Artist, look for an e-mail from me!  I know it will be the highlight of your day.  Ahem.

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12 thoughts on “Regarding Reinventors

  1. Wow, I was so surprised to see my humble little pillows featured on your blog! I was just doing my normal “check-my-favorite-blogs” run at the end of the day, so this was a wonderful treat. Love the blog and all the wonderful ideas shown here. Great job!

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