Trash to Treasure Tuesday—The Ugly Seat Cushion Edition

Happy Trash to Treasure Tuesday everyone. 

If there’s one thing to be found at just about every thrift store I’ve ever graced with my presence, it’s UGLY SEAT CUSHIONS. 

Like this one.
bball 001Don’t get me wrong, she was a BEAUTY in her day.  I know that because, in a moment of insanity, I bought her and her twin.  New.  Gasp!
I was going to let you think I found this at the Goodwill, so you wouldn’t question my taste.  But we’ve all had moments of MADNESS, haven’t we?
Now for the treasure part.  I needed a new cushion for my Grandma’s Chair, as her skirt had started shedding.
Out came the drop cloth scraps.
bball 002I laid the cushion down on two layers of canvas, and traced around it with a pen.  Then I cut out the shape, allowing a 1/2 inch for seams.
bball 003A long and crooked seam later,  I stuffed the ugly cushion inside and hand sewed the opening closed.
cushion 001 I added a little flourish with black fabric paint and a stencil. 
I love the new look, although without the fringe, I can’t help but think my Grandma’s chair is now hanging out in the foyer in her undies.

The moral to this trashy story? 

A little creativity, a little work, and NO money can fix a lot of purchasing goofs.  If you’d like another idea for an ugly seat, look here.

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25 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure Tuesday—The Ugly Seat Cushion Edition

  1. I kinda like the stripes! I could see it on a brightly colored patio. It might be dated but I guess I am a sucker for bright colors. :D Great job and thank you for hosting the link party!

  2. You aren’t gonna believe this….but, I just put one of these cushions in my box to take to Goodwill….I will now dig it out and cover it to use in my computer chair!!! Thanks for such a good idea!

  3. OK, I’m feeling a little weird. That seat cushion looks a lot like a new freebie shower curtain a friend gave me because he didn’t want it and the turquoise stripe matches the wall color in my bathroom.

    In other words, I like the before too.

  4. Hey! Those of you who liked the original, that’s great! I just meant that it didn’t fit with my decor anymore, and it wasn’t meant for outside use, so I couldn’t use it on the patio. No worries!! :)

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