Trash to Treasure Tuesday—The AGED Edition

Welcome to Trash to Treasure Tuesday everyone! 

Today I’d like to talk about AGED FINISHES.  I sound like your middle school social studies teacher, don’t I? 

When you transform your trash to treasures with paint, do you always “weather” or “age” the finish? 

If so, what techniques do YOU use?

I have been known to use a couple of different techniques to age painted pieces.  I like to call them “AGE ON”, and “AGE OFF.”

Here’s an example of aging ON.  I’m sure you’ve tried this one;   painting an object, sanding some of the paint off, then adding some stain or glaze to give that old, weathered effect.  You can also just rough the finish up with sand paper and not add the glaze if you’d like.  I just LOOOVE me some glaze. 

And some “B”s.
aged 001

Here’s a picture from before I fell in love with Ralph Lauren glaze.  I used some watered down brown paint to age the finish on our door turned headboard.  (I didn’t sand this at all because if we ever sell this house, the door will be repainted and hung back in its original location! :))
aged 002

And ANOTHER example.   Do you think I have a problem?
aged 003

Now let us discuss “AGING ON.” 
aged 007 I achieved this weathered look by adding a light coat of paint to a dark object.  The frame was dark brown.  A quick, uneven coat of Heirloom White, and I got just what I was looking for. 
up, three 003Same thing here.  This basket of ivy was looking pretty dark and boring.  A quick dry brush of leftover paint perked up the look and highlighted the texture. 

That’s my favorite part of aging, the added TEXTURE it brings to a room full of smooth finishes.

My least favorite part of aging?  The texture that the years seem to add to my face, replacing the smooth finish. 

Of course, there’s nothing better, in my book, than finding something PERFECTLY AGED already.
aged 005Like this fabulous old window that I STILL haven’t accessorized. 

aged 006And this old nursing textbook that belonged to my great-grandmother. 

That finish is priceless. 

Link up those projects everyone, and have a GREAT Tuesday!

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22 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure Tuesday—The AGED Edition

  1. I like aging projects that involve my palm sander and smacking the items with boards, nails, etc. What a stress buster – it’s better than therapy!

    For painted on items, I like antiquing glaze. It’s like the watered down glaze you used in your projects, but it already comes watered down if that makes sense.

  2. I, too, have an issue with glaze. The first step to acceptance is admitting you have a problem – right? :) Your things are gorgeous! I may have to try the Ralph Lauren glaze!!! I am a first time linker to your party!!! I “ReInvented” some old mirrors I found at thrifts stores and a bunch of old frames – all with paint and glaze! LOVE your blog!!!

  3. I’m joining your party again…thanks for hosting!

    I have a question about your 2 plates on display: Are you using 2 plate easels? I just bought a small round plate with my initial, and thought I would display like you do, so it caught my eye. I ‘m not sure how to get it close to my back plate…

  4. I am a new visitor (and now follower) to your blog…LOVE it! I’m am a reinventer myself…great work and looking forward to keeping up with the blog and all the great ideas!

  5. we’ve developed a technique that gives all of our artwork an aged look, and really gives the pieces this awesome texture and dimension. it’s so much fun to see what comes out of it. and it just doesn’t look finished or ‘right’ without it! but sorry, I’m not sharing my ancient family secrets! :-)

  6. “My least favorite part of aging? The texture that the years seem to add to my face, replacing the smooth finish.”
    LOL! I saw that great picture of you a few post back. You still have your smooth finish.
    Great post! You’ve got me thinking about glaze again.
    I’m going to figure out this whole linky thing!!! I think I’ve crashed the party without bringing any beer!

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