Beach Prep


Good Monday morning, my friends!  We are busy here packing for our Spring Break trip to Florida. 


I can’t wait to “meet” the beach again.


My kids can’t wait to meet Mickey and Cinderella.


I think we have different goals for this trip.


I found some really cool beachy trash to treasure projects to share with you today.

FleamarketStorage_ss3This looks beachy to me, but I think those are skis.  A surfboard would work well too, right?

FleamarketStorage_ss9  Love these oars.  Makes me wish we lived in a beach cottage.  Maybe someday.

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Enjoy your day!

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8 thoughts on “Beach Prep

  1. Cool! Where in Florida? We live near the beach in Florida. On the east coast. AND if you really want to live here we are selling our house! LOL! I’m just sayin’!
    Have a great time.

  2. How exciting, I hope the House of Mouse is not too crowded. One of my son’s favorite parts of Disney was riding the monorail- and we did not even stay at a monorail resort! He just liked it, he was three. :)

    We are headed to FL this week too, weather is supposed to be nice!

  3. Love it all,that table and the oars.
    I hate to tell you –we are in SW Florida and it has been really chilly and the water is like ice–we were there on Fridya-burr. I was wrapped up in a towel.

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