Big Art

Do you have BIG, naked walls in your house?  (geez, I wonder what those two adjectives will do for me in Google?)

Do you struggle with the idea of BIG ART to hang on those walls? 

Me too, that’s why the space above our sofa was empty for so long.  I was looking for ONE BIG THING to hang there, with maybe some sconces or something to flank it.  You know, just like the designers do. 

The designers with big budgets for big spaces. 

I’ve noticed, though, that many pros even use a grouping of smaller objects to create the same effect as a large piece.

Remember this?
home 005_thumb[2]I made these wallpaper covered canvases a few months ago.   They are each 12×12, so they fill up some space above our sofa pretty well.  I like that they fit our base color scheme of black and cream, and that they look a little like Scrabble tiles. 
But…they are very square and kinda boring.  My kids tell me that I’m very square and kinda boring too.  But that’s NOT the look I wanted for the wall.

What to do? 

I’ve been staring at this wall for those few months trying to answer that very question.  The wall needed curves and color.

Like this:
winter formal 004Oh, yeah, that’s better.  Three colorful plates from HomeGoods (I  paid full price for those, sometimes I don’t even follow my OWN RULES!) , and some curlies on clearance at Target.  
winter formal 005Now THIS really fills in the space, and adds the color and curviness I was seeking.  I guess I didn’t need BIG ART after all.

My favorite pieces for filling a large space:
1.  Plates.  They’re cheap, and add color and pattern, along with a little shine.
2.  Photos.  We’ve all got ‘em, and nothing fills a spot better than smiling faces.
3.  Empty frames.  I love this graphic look, and it’s not expensive if all of the frames come from thrift stores or flea markets.  Just paint them all the same color.
4.  Fabric.  Staple some beautiful fabric over a large canvas, or frame it, for instant art.
5.  Architectural pieces.  Old windows, shelves, mantles, or other large pieces of interest and character fill a space fabulously.
See you back here tomorrow for Trash to Treasure Tuesday!

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22 thoughts on “Big Art

  1. Everyone needs curves,even the wall! LOL! I love how it came out,amazing what that pop of color did.
    Oooh and yeah,I don’t think I would put those two words in Google search. LOL! You might not want that hanging off your wall! Haha! Have a “BLESSED” week!


  2. Kimm,
    Your blog is so cute and I love this re-do. Congratulations on winning the Cover by Cami at We’d love to have you add us on your sidebar or better yet, feature us on your blog. We’d be happy to return the favor. Please contact Cami and she’ll get your gift over to you. Have a happy winning day.

  3. I don’t believe it!!!! Just last night I told hubby I needed a big picture or something over the space above the couch. We have this sad little picture. But I didn’t want a BIG picture and didn’t know what to do. Now I love, no make that LOVE your idea!!! Now I’m on a mission!!! LOL

  4. I like what you did. But i’m guessing you’re not going to be done…
    I love the canvas!! You could always color block behind it using a contrasting paint frame. That would make it seem really big too!
    I might have to do that in some of my spaces….

  5. OOOH that is SO CUTE! My big naked wall is SUCH A PROBLEM SPOT! I have a 2 story foyer with a cathedral ceiling and a CURVED staircase! What in the WORLD can you hang on curved walls? NOTHING! UGH! I HATE IT!

    But, regardless of my ugly HUGE secret-your “nakedness” is no longer and it looks fabulous!

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